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I wonder if this could be developed into its own section.

I belong to two Catholic fraternal orders, the Knights and the Hibernians. I also seem to be one of the younger members (and I’m in my middle 40s!!!).

It really troubles me when I see family heirlooms (Uncle Bob’s 4th degree regalia, etc.) auctioned off on E-Bay.

I feel that with families being so split up by work and employers, moved across the country from parents and kin, that there is a real opportunity or NEED for such organizations to help put an arm around these younger guys. Otherwise, they’re getting advice from same-aged co-workers and single friends and the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder about why the divorce rate is so high.

I’d like to see a place established to exchange tips suggestions and moral support for fraternal members who are trying to improve their parishes.

Any takers?


Are you looking for a men-only discussion forum, or one that is accessible only to members of these groups? If so I can help you with setting up such a forum.

If you have some ideas to put up some web pages on the topic, I can also help you with that.

If you are looking to find a place within CA to do this, then are you thinking of a separate forum dedicated to this?

I agree it would be so nice if we could pool and document discussions of this nature. Maybe it could be in the form of a discussion forum, with pertinent facts extracted and published separately on a web page?



I really don’t know this technology that well, so I will leave the mechanism to those better informed.

I don’t think it needs to be members only, because I think we can use all of the help we can get. Maybe a Catholic Life subforum that makes it easier to spot?

I just see a need and will help out wherever I can.


[quote=TomK]…It really troubles me when I see family heirlooms (Uncle Bob’s 4th degree regalia, etc.) auctioned off on E-Bay…

I do not want to appear insensitive to your discomfort, but I would ask you to please bear in mind that if it were not for people selling regalia for which they have no further use, many Sir Knights on limited budgets would not be able to afford their own regalia, nor would many Councils or Assemblies be able to afford to maintain extra sets of regalia to loan to brothers who can not afford their own, as some do.

That being said, I do agree that it is far more fitting to pass these on to family members or friends who are or who may become Sir Knights, but if not, auctioning is preferable to leaving them to molder forgotten in some attic or to throw them away.


I completely concur!!! We barely squeak by and I would never be able to conscience what KOC items I have without “the secondary market.” For example, while preparing for my 4th Degree, I purchased a $40 new Bill Blass Tuxedo and a $55.00 sword, etc. al on E-Bay. Which is why I noticed this.

Most of the regalia seems to have been purchased from yard sales, etc. Only a few people ever reference a family relationship.

However, we’ve had a number of very Worthy Sir Knights die and their children weren’t interested in the things that were so much a part of their forebearer’s life.

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