Catholic Fundamentalism?

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I had a question. I was reading something on Wikipedia the other day and came across something about “Catholic Fundamentalism.” Basically, it is described as an individual who is Catholic and who holds on to beliefs like artificial birth control is not allowed. Is that not what every Catholic believes, though? I am a Catholic, granted a young, and not as knowledgable one at that, but I have always known beliefs like that to be true, so I am confused as to why someone who believes things like that is known as a “Fundamentalist Catholic” as opposed to just “Catholic”?

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This is the entry I found at Wikipedia on the subject of "Catholic Fundamentalism:

Catholic fundamentalism
See also: Traditionalist Catholic

Some scholars describe certain Catholics as fundamentalists. Such Catholics believe in a literal interpretation of Vatican declarations, particularly those pronounced by the Pope,[50][51][52] and believe that individuals who do not agree with the magisterium are condemned by God.[53] Lutheran scholar Martin E. Marty described Catholic fundamentalists as advocating mass in Latin and mandatory clerical celibacy while opposing ordination of women priests and dismissals of artificial birth control.[54] The Society of St. Pius X, a product of Marcel Lefebvre, is cited as a stronghold of Catholic fundamentalism.[55][56] Catholic theologian Ronald L. Conte Jr. has described Catholic fundamentalism on the basis of three main features: (1) over-simplification of beliefs, (2) dogmatization of those beliefs, (3) villainization of everyone outside the group. He applied the term to some persons on the right as well as on the left in Catholicism.[57]

It’s probably best not to use the term at all as it can be used to describe folks on the left, folks on the right, folks who are loyal to the current pope and folks who are not.

“Fundamentalism” is a term that has almost a different meaning to anybody who uses it.

When Protestant fundamentalism was conceptualized somewhere around 1890, it was based on the idea of the authority of the Bible alone – that is, without the necessity for a “church” to explain it.

Fr. Ronald Witherup, SS has written a book on “Biblical fundamentalism: What every Catholic should know.” He refers to a form of Catholic fundamentalism, where magisterial teaching is used as a “blugeon” to attack what he calls more liberal Catholics who do not seem to follow those teachings to the letter.

Ron Conte is a user on these forums. Something tells me he put his own name in that wikipedia article.

I’ve found it’s important to learn just who is using a term or writing an article. It will tell you what agenda they have and if it would be good or bad.

If adhering to Church doctrine makes one a fundamentalist or a fanatic, then count me in. I don’t want to be lukewarm, I want to have a heart that’s on fire for Christ. I want to be a great Saint. Name-calling and appeals to human respect won’t change that, God help me.

Love this. :slight_smile: I feel the same way too. God bless you.

Holding fast to Church teaching is not fundamentalism. Being a condescending elitist to those who are not, however, is.

I do believe there are Catholic fundamentalists. They’re the kind who think anyone that attends Mass in the vernacular and accepts Vatican II is under the spell of the Freemasons, Jews, Commies, and Lizard People.

Fundamentalist is so often used these days as a pejorative, so I would hesitate to use it on those grounds. It just breeds the kind of division that the devil thrives on. However, being against artificial contraception is by no means anything but a mainstream Catholic doctrine. I’m always a little baffled by those who claim otherwise, it’s one of the defining features of Catholicism according to most of my non Catholic friends.

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