Catholic funded healthcare

Why doesn’t the Church create a healthcare plan open to anyone instead of relying on the government or other private enterprises?

I do not know for certain, but possibly due to that the Church does not have the funds or means to establish such a plan. Please remember that the Church does not have the power to tax.

I raised this question because healthcare is our responsibility first and foremost and for us to rely on the private sector that is motivated by profit and to rely on the government that seems to have some values in conflict with the Church is to negate the potential community of resources that we have in our faith.
We have the numbers and the credentialed faithful who can put this together if the leaders of the faith, our Bishops, were able to expand their options and use creative problem-solving that can only come from the faith.
Faith has no limits. Human beings limit the expression of faith.
Matthew 19:26 “With God all things are possible.”

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