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I will be attending my dad’s funeral Saturday… it won’t be a mass in church, but at the chapel of our local funeral home. I’m not sure what to expect. my pastor will be doing the service. All I know is there will be readings but don’t know what else to expect.

I don’t expect the service to be long since it is at 3pm and our priest has 4pm confessions at our parish


Prayers, readings, and maybe a small eulogy, but not much else, if anything.

We had the same type of service for my brother.


Sincere condolences on the loss of your father! Eternal memory!

While it may be best to let the Latin Catholic experts chime in on this specific arrangement, I would start by telling you that in the Eastern traditions it is more the norm to have the Rite of Christian Burial without a Mass (Divine Liturgy).

What is most important is that he is respectfully remembered in prayer as he goes to his eternal rest, especially by those who love him the most.

In my tradition, we normally have a prayer service at the funeral home, which reflects on the history of Salvation from our Creation right up to the moments just before the glorious Resurrection. It is a reminder of the promise of eternal life, earned through the Perfect Sacrifice of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray that your father now enjoys the eternal reward assured by Christ’s victory over death, knowing that this is not the end of his journey, but the next step.

Prayers for you and your family! :gopray:


Sorry to hear about your father.

The service will be similar to a mass, except it will end soon after the homily. An Our Father or another few prayers may follow the homily. The priest will then usually accompany the funeral procession to the burial site, unless burial is being put off until a later time. It may be a short service, or the priests plans to cancel/postpone confession on that particular date.


The funeral liturgy outside mass is a liturgy of the word; scripture readings, prayer, and a homily, some music, but no Eucharist.


Marleelynn, first allow me to offer my sincere condolences and prayers for God to comfort you and your family at this difficult time. Rest assured your dear dad, as a priest told me my mother was at her passing, is in better place.

We had a similar Catholic service for my mom. It was absolutely beautiful! I have a tape of it given to me by the funeral home director and I always listen to it either on the anniversary of the service or on the anniversary of her death. First a song of our choosing was played. The officiant gave a welcome to all and he and a couple of family members read Scripture. We were allowed ahead of time to choose the verses read by family. I and another family member then gave eulogies. I ended mine with Scripture. Then the officiant gave a very nice homily about how we on the departure deck feel sorrow but to imagine the joy in heaven she was receiving on the receiving end! It was so comforting. We held hands and said I know the Lord’s Prayer during the service. At the end there was a blessing with holy water for my mother. The service lasted 30 - 45 mins. I would not have changed a thing. I pray your experience is as good. God bless and peace be with you.

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