Catholic Funerals HELP!


Grandpa Mike died on monday and we are still baby catholics and have no clue what is catholic cosher or not. Mike wanted to be cremated so we did that but now what??? We are his only family so no one else is coming in. Grandpa mike never wanted a big funeral, is there a way to combine it with a mass? He wasn’t terribly catholic but he was catholic to leave money to some nuns in wisconsin. I have put in a call to my local priest but are their catholic norms I’m missing because we are too new to the faith to pick them up yet?


Jodi… just contact your priest and tell him you are new to this and also about cremation… there are some guidelines like no sprinkling ashes… Your priest can help you…


Jodi, sorry for your loss, our prayers are with you and your family.

I am not sure of all the in’s and out’s. I would also advise talking to your priest. I do know that our family (and I believe many other Catholic families) say a Rosary for the person who passed. Usually we do it the night before the funeral. Everyone usually meets at the Church or a family members house. For me it is WONDERFUL!


Hi Jodi,

I am sorry for your loss. I second the advice above, talk with your priest. Don’t do anything else (like Blessed mentioned, ashes cannot be scattered) and just ask your priest what needs to be done next. A Mass can be said at the funeral (I would recommend it :slight_smile: ). Don’t worry about how Catholic or un-Catholic he was. The priest should help you out or point you in the right direction :slight_smile:


This should help for choosing readings, questions, order of service, etc.

Cremation is okay, the ashes will need to be interred not scattered or kept in someone’s home.

Your Priest or Deacon will help you through all of this.

Prayers for you, and for the repose of the soul of your dear one.


This is the site I used to plan my late father-in-law’s memorial!!! It is definitely good info to get you to the point of sitting down the the priest.

As Grandpa Mike’s earthly remains are at least “dealt with” this will give you plenty of time to give him a decent send-off. There is no need to hurry.

Anybody can have a Mass who has not manifestly rejected Catholicsm such as criminals and big-time heretics), even non-Catholics. Plan what makes you comfortable, comforts you and yours, within the confines of diocese rules and parish regs.

My best to you, and God greet your old fella with joy!


Thank you that site was really helpful. I am glad I am not too far off the path of doing all of this properly. Thanks for you advice. I did get ahold the priest and we are looking at next week to do the funeral mass. Thanks again.


also funeral homes that serve Catholic clientele can help you, but you should see the priest at the earliest opportunity, same day or day after decease. you can go to your own pastor, or the pastor of the parish in which Mike resided or worshipped.


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