Catholic funerals

What’s the difference between a Requiem Mass and a Mass of Christian Burial?

Requiem is the first word (in Latin) of the Introit of the Mass for the dead, following the Tridentine Missal. Masses are often given titles based on the first word or two of the Introit. In the Novus Ordo Mass (The Mass for the Dead using the Novus Ordo, is usually referred to as a Mass of Christian Burial), the Entrance Antiphon replaces the Introit, and is often left out if there is a hymn sung. The Introit (Requiem), Sequence (Dies Irae), Offertory verse (Domine Jesu), and Communion (Lux Aeterna) verse may all be chanted- though they rarely are anymore. The chant Subvenite, and the chant In Paradisum may also be done.

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