Catholic Gifts to Lutherans

I am very grateful to CAF for providing dialogue, though sometimes harsh, it stimulates interest & study. The desire for unity of holy Church points out similarities. The visual impact calms the angry voice.

This wonderful Catholic gift, that Lutherans cherish, is the Church of St Jacob in Rothenburg, Germany. Many churches in Germany, built in the 1500’s and not damaged during WW2, serve as parishes.

Fact check: St Jacob Church was completed in late 1400’s


Agree it is beautiful. It has made me wonder about any gifts the Lutherans may have given us Catholics or indeed any other Christian church. I ask out of genuine interest only and would not want things to get twisted or unnecessary.

I know that some of the most beautiful hymns are shared between different churches, and that some Catholics wish that we had some of the Church of England hymns.

So what else are were sharing, other than our love for God?

Yes, music. In particular Bach. Here’s St Thomas Church in Leipzig Germany.

Thanks. Gosh, I never knew Bach was Lutheran, so I have learned something new.:thumbsup:

Handel was Lutheran too.

When one listens to Lutheran heavenly praises to God, there is no doubt that we are part of the Church Catholic;

More Bach sung at Christ the King parish [LCMS] in Ringwood, New Jersey

I would like to say a big thank you to our Catholic brothers and sisters for graciously sharing their material treasures with the world as well as the Gospel. I just returned from a 2 week trip to Germany and was overwhelmed with the religious art and architecture. My Mom and I sat in the Cathedral at Cologne for several hours - Mom said she would be happy to spend the rest of her life there, in prayer. Truly a sanctuary, a holy space.

Is this a Catholic church or a Lutheran church?

If it is Lutheran then was it a gift or is it stolen property?

I am not familiar with the situation in Germany. I live in England and am daily reminded of the great thefts from the Catholic Church.

The Church of England is the ancient church of this land, catholic and reformed. The same Sees once in communion with Rome. The churches are sadly in schism, but not stolen. The Church of England was not created ex nihilo in the 1530s.

I think it was much like the nationalization of industries after a coup - there was a lot of ugliness in the Reformation period, plenty of sin to go around.

That’s just fantasy history that is barely deserving of a reply.

The CofE was created in the 1530.

Before that the English were Catholic, believed in the authority of the pope, the real presence, and a host of other things that the CofE rejected.

It is a shame people in the CofE still spread such ridiculous lies. You’d get (and deserve) more respect if you were just honest about it.

Coup is definitely the right word. Well, for what happened in England.

Was it the same in Germany? If so it is not right to call this church a gift. It is stolen property, like a huge proportion of CofE churches and nearly all their cathedrals.

The Peace of Augsburg or Augsburg Settlement in 1555 allowed the German Princes of the Holy Roman Empire to decide whether their principalities would be Lutheran or Catholic. The folks that lived in those areas either converted or were allowed to move into another domain. So no, not a gift.

No, not a gift.

But not exactly the pure thievery of the (so-called) Church of England either.

Very interesting.

Thank you.

Your generosity overwhelms.

Nonsense. The closest mediaeval cathedral to me has been in the hands of the bishops of Durham since it was built by William of St. Calais in the eleventh century. The only difference is that the bishops are sadly no longer in full communion with Rome.

Well, talking about generosity, how about your sister church in Ireland, the ridiculously and arrogantly named Church of Ireland, donating 1 of its 2 empty stolen cathedrals in Dublin back to the people they stole it from.

That would be so generous.

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