Catholic girls magazine or website?

Does anyone know of any good catholic magazines or websites for teen girls? (I am 13)
I have been looking around but there doesn’t really seem to be much.
Please post links if possible.

Welcome to Catholic Answers, Princess Anna!:slight_smile: I know I have heard of a few possible magazines, but I don’t remember the names. I eagerly await the responses you get, because I was recently wondering about this same thing for my daughter. I’m sure the people here will have some good ideas…

Thank you… yes hopefully they will


Welcome to the forums!

I don’t recall how long ago it was but someone was on here advertising just that. If you do some diligent searching you might find it.

Ahh… yes I have found True Girl but that stopped publishing the the Autumn of last year. Also St. Maria’s Messenger looks quite good… Those are the only two I can find and I’m just wondering if there are anymore…

I run a blog for young Catholic ladies.

But, keep in mind… I’m more of an old-fashioned and traditional type girl, and the blog is directed towards that type. I was noticing that the Protestants really seemed to dominate the feminine and girl-y sphere, and I wanted to try to rectify the situation. :wink:

Even if you’re not one of those girls obsessed with all things feminine and old-fashioned, however, perhaps you’ll still find it useful in some ways?

Thank you, I’ll definitely bookmark it, but it may not turn out to be one of my more frequented bookmarks :slight_smile:

I am currently creating a magazine for catholic girls as I could not find one for girls the UK. It will be free to download from the website as soon as I have finished it (probably around September time).
Website address:

True Girl is going back into publication

True Girl is back!

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