Catholic Godparents at Non Catholic Baptisms?


I have a question. My niece was brought up Episcopalian. She and her husband have three children. She called me today and asked me to be the godmother to her youngest child and my namesake. Is it against Catholic doctrine to be a godparent to a non-Catholic child?

Principles and norms on ecumenism

  1. It is the Catholic understanding that godparents, in a liturgical and canonical sense, should themselves be members of the Church or ecclesial Community in which the baptism is being celebrated. They do not merely undertake a responsibility for the Christian education of the person being baptized (or confirmed) as a relation or friend; they are also there as representatives of a community of faith, standing as guarantees of the candidate’s faith and desire for ecclesial communion.

a) However, based on the common baptism and because of ties of blood or friendship, a baptized person who belongs to another ecclesial Community may be admitted as a witness to the baptism, but only together with a Catholic godparent. A Catholic may do the same for a person being baptized in another ecclesial Community.

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