Catholic Gov. Kaine Officiates Wedding for Muslim and Jew

Performing wedding ceremonies** is not part** of the governor’s standard portfolio of executive powers. Anyone in Virginia can apply for a one-day, $35 permit and perform a wedding. Kaine had to do the same . . .

Kaine interviewed (Mo) Elleithee and (Tayla) Stein separately prior to the wedding and during the ceremony explained what he thought each meant to the other . . .

Elleithee says he was pleased with the governor’s homily: “It was a reflection on how two different people from different backgrounds could come together and draw on each other’s faith to create something new.”

Weddings: Talya Stein, Mo Elleithee

I saw Mo interviewed on one of the Cable News networks about an hour or so before the Kaine–Pence VP Debate and Mo talked about his wedding and they showed a photograph of Mr. Kaine and the bride and the groom from May 27, 2007 when the ceremony took place.

Full Question
Can a practicing Catholic officiate at a civil wedding ceremony?


Assuming that the couple are either non-Catholics not bound by Catholic marital law, that there are no obvious impediments to their marriage (e.g., previous marriage, close blood relationship), and that the Catholic is authorized by the state to officiate at civil wedding ceremonies (e.g., judge, justice of the peace, other recognized official), yes, a Catholic could preside at a civil wedding ceremony. The only caveat would be that a Catholic could not obtain “ordination” from a mail-order or online “ordination” mill, even if his state recognizes marriages performed by individuals who have obtained such “ordinations.”

Virginia Wedding Ceremony Celebrants

Who Can Perform the Ceremony:
–any judge or justice of a court of record
–any judge of a district court or any retired judge or justice of the Commonwealth
–any active, senior or retired federal judge or justice who is a resident of the Commonwealth an authorized minister of any religious denomination

–a “one-time” marriage celebrant + $500 cash bond (once petition is authorized)
Individuals wishing to perform a wedding ceremony in Virginia must obtain prior court authorization. Any circuit court judge may issue an order authorizing one or more persons, resident in the circuit in which the judge sits, to celebrate the rites of marriage in the Commonwealth.

Each county has a different procedure to apply; check out thisdirectoryto look for your county Circuit Court.For more information on persons authorized to perform ceremonies in Virginia, be sure to check outCode of Virginia §20-23 and*Code of Virginia §20-25.

Well, I guess it was in Mr. Kaine’s power to officiate at this wedding after he paid the $35.00 to do so. :shrug:

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