Catholic Group to Defy New Obamacare Pro-Abortion Mandate

Priests for Life is the first group that has publicly said they will not comply with the mandate which came into effect for many groups in the U.S. on August 1, a mandate which requires them to pay for drugs being used to cause abortions, for contraception, and for sterilizations. They say they are willing to face the fines that are to be meted out and other possible punishments.

Good for them. I’m eager to see if the feds will follow through with the fines or if it’s simply a scare tactic.

The rubber meets the road. Bravo to Fr Pavone and Priests for Life.

As for non-religious groups challenging ObamaCare, some would go to court. The plaintiff in this case obtained a favorable ruling, a victory for freedom of conscience.

Ruling Strikes Bodyblow to ObamaCare

I wonder when the mainstream media would start giving coverage on news not favorable for their horse in the upcoming elections.

It is going to be interesting to see if their are any repercussions when the refuse to abide by the mandate. I am guessing they will also refuse to pay fines. ObamaTax reminds of communist China

The fines are $100 per employee per day, as I understand it.

Has anyone seen an answer on how you can tax a non-profit?

Isn’t the “fine” really a tax? Or does that only apply to individuals?

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