Catholic Guided Meditation site -- opinions?

Found this site for Catholic Guided Meditations and it is the only one I could find:

Here is the About Us page:

There is no mention of fidelity to Church teaching and this makes me a bit concerned about the content of the meditations. :confused:

Any thoughts out there even if you haven’t purchased one of these in the past?

I saw this site too and I was wondering if it was trustworthy. If anyone has any information on this please let us know.

I may be able to answer your question, being the author of the guided meditations on the site you referred to.

In short, the meditations that relate to the figures, Mary, Francis, and Michael, were derived from my personal inner experiences with those figures, rather than from Catholic doctrine. I suspect that may be the only answer some will need. For those interested in knowing more, please feel free to read on.

Prior to writing those, I had authored a series of more general guided meditations that were intended to help the listener relax deeply and connect within. These have been in very wide use since the mid 1980’s, in particular, one called The Healing Waterfall.

In the process of doing my own meditation practice (unconnected with the Church), I began to feel an affinity for Jesus, Mary, Francis, Michael, and a few other figures. As I opened my heart and listened within further, I came to feel more and more of a bond with them, and derived much solace and comfort from my experience.

As I already possessed the skill of helping people relax, go within, and find peace through the guided meditation process, I felt moved to help other people find their own relationship to these great spiritual figures who had been helping me. The making of the Mary, Francis, and Michael meditations came from that impulse.

Not having been raised or educated as a Catholic, once I completed these meditations I was curious to know whether the wording and philosophy they contained might be compatible with Catholic doctrine. (I was sensitive to the fact that the figures I was writing about are so important to Catholics, and did not want to bring offense.) So I asked several friends who were devout Catholics to listen and offer feedback. Their feedback was positive in regard to the experience of the meditations, and they felt there wasn’t anything particularly at issue with the content. That’s not to say that under another’s scrutiny, or analysis by a religious scholar one wouldn’t find points to argue. Again, doctrine is not my area or specialty.

The intention of the meditations is to provide an opportunity for the listener to have their own inner experience of these wonderful figures, and because they are somewhat open-ended by design, they seem to work for that purpose.

It may be of interest to you that they have been purchased and used by some Catechism teachers for their classes, because they were looking for a way to help their students to develop a personal connection with the material. From the little I’ve learned, I’ve also become aware that there seems to be a broad range of what is considered “Catholic” among Catholics.

I hope this helps answer your question, although it may raise some others. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your interest, and God bless.

Here’s a recent note about these meditations you might also find helpful, from Brother Mark, OFM and Saint Francis Retreat House, Easton, Pennsylvania.

"Your Saints & Angels meditations are wonderful! Besides selling them in the gift shop, we recently used them on a contemplative retreat. For two of the Vespers services I substituted your guided meditations on Mary and Francis for the readings.

After listening to the Mary meditation, I looked out, and just about every person in the room was wiping his or her eyes. The meditation so moved them!!!

One woman, a 70 year old, came up to me as we were walking to the dining room and said, ‘In all of my life I have never experienced the presence of Mary as I did during that meditation.’ Then she added, ‘That narrator’s voice sounded so beautiful!’ There was a similar response from the people the evening after we used the Francis meditation."

I am liking the Abraham Hicks guided meditation. The main reason is that it keeps my mind from wandering. I can meditate on my own, but the encouraging words of Abraham via Esther Hicks plus the music keeps my mind aligned with my best intentions.

Stay away from anything related to Abraham Hicks…

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