Catholic guy dating a JW girl.. Please help..

Hi! I’m a devout Catholic. I’ve recently dated a girl who is a Jehovah’s Witness. We love each other very much but religion is really a barrier. Just yesterday,she decided to broke up until I can fully understand her faith more - an allusion the she wishes me to study and eventually convert to her faith. We love each other so much but she’s afraid that we can’t make it in married life if we are from different religion. I don’t want to lose her and it seems the only hope is that I know is to attend their bible studies but I don’t think I’ll convert to them. Please help… I need your advices. Thanks alot…

Do you even know her parents? If so, how did you get away with that?

I know her parents… The only condition is that I must study their faith first for 3 years and maybe, convert to them so that I won’t lose her… :frowning:

Are you willing to do that?

I’m willing to study but I will never convert…

You are a Catholic all your life if baptised. I am glad to hear you will be open to hearing how much the JW’s rail against the Catholic Church for three years.
You have all of us to help you defend your faith every step along the way.
I am no believer, but I certianly know one thing. The JW’s have done nothing but wage a smear campaign against the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church for many years now.

Thank you so much:)… I’ll study not because I’m considering to be converted to anti-catholic JW, rather, I’m doing this not just to lose her… I’m deeply rooted to Catholic truths and they can’t swept me away…

Hmm…the JWs are very indoctrinated…and your GF will be “shunned” if she turns away from her faith…and she expects you to convert to JWs.

This may be a good resource for you and get advice from some former Jws who are now catholics…

Do you know what they believe?

I know what they believe.I researched so many time about their religion and I’ve also so JW friends… .But perhaps they want me to undergo study for me to understand more their faith…

Guys…I need more advices… :frowning:

Honestly man, I’ve been in a much lighter situation. My girlfriend years ago wanted me to convert to Baptist and I almost gave in. Whew. Thank God he didn’t let me do that!

I would say that she should be open to converting to your faith or this simply will not work. If she is shunned from JW, so be it. Better to be shunned by a heretical institution than the church founded by Jesus.

This isn’t a one way street. I feel like this just won’t work out, but hopefully she is being called home to the Catholic Church and she just doesn’t know it yet. Keep your head high, but I truly doubt this is workable if she is a devout JW.

They do not believe Christ is God.

Does that help you at all? Maybe the three years has a meaning somehow.

He was according to what I am told here, about 33 years of age when he gave up his life in a bloody brutal death to save the sons of man.

She has been a JW since birth and almost all her family lineage is JWs… I don’t think she is considering converting to RC… :frowning:

Again, as you are well aware by now, they do not believe that Jesus is God.

This girl may be the most wonderful girl in the world. Would she still love you if you told her you will never believe Jesus is not God.?

Have you concidered your future children?? If the family will shun their daughter, what about their grandchildren?? I have dealt with the children of JW through being a foster parent. This isn’t your normal every day protestant church, it is a cult & you WILL be sucked in. Love is wonderful, but it isn’t eternity - Heaven & hell are eternal. If her love is as strong as you think it is, then she will go through RCIA as a condition of your continuing love. Any person who uses their “love” to control another person is just that - controling!! Do you really want to spend the rest of your life either controlling or being controlled?? Love & life are much more than control. If you look beyond the religion vs. cult issues in your relationship, you will see it for what it is. Go carefully in this phase of your life. The love you have for Christ needs to be number one in your heart. Anything trying to replace that spot can’t be good.

My girlfriend and I will pray for you. God bless

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but It sounds like unless you are willing to convert to JW, then the relationship is a no go. JW’s are discouraged from marrying outside their religion, and If they do sometimes like someone said they could be shunned. I kind of shocked your even dating her, as JW’s are not allowed to associate with “appostates”, but then again her kingdom hall could see It as a way to suck you (for lack of better words) into their religion. If you love her as you say, then think about what would happen If you two were to marry and she converted to catholocism, her family would be expected to severe ties with her completely, devastating her. You would literally be the only family she has. My advise, you dont need that unecessary drama. Time to move on.

Thank you guys for your replies… I think she’ll still love me if I say that I don’t believe Christ is not God. However, what she’s emphasizing, I must learn more about her faith through bible study. I don’t think she’s forcing me in any way. She tells me I have the freedom to undergo bible study or not. But she’s telling me that if I can’t understand and accept her faith(which is possible through bible study), we’ll be having problems in the future married life… I’m so confused right now… :frowning:

The JW faith recruits under very strict ruling…their beliefs are to give someone a chance to convert to their faith, but only, fully, so completely, regarding how to raise their children and tithes (Catholics do this too), that once you say and or admit you will not convert to their faith…even friendship among working mates dissolves.

You come to a place of non-reconciliation, and ties are broken, completely.

Since you have already said you will never convert and she is this adament of your conversion…it is time to let her go. You are not only wasting your time, you are lying in the process…sin enough, just starting…there is no relationship here, in all honesty. You will become hurt…but this will pass, with time…this is something I know about the JW religion.

Have you ever heard of the “Cut Direct?” Business only work mates and friends, no more…

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