Catholic head says Syrian Christians neglected in UK resettlement


THE GUARDIAN: The head of the Catholic church in England and Wales has argued that Christians are being overlooked in Britain’s resettlement of Syrian refugees, while the Anglican bishop of Leeds has described the faith as the most persecuted in the world.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols also said Christians were particularly persecuted and that too few would benefit from the government’s plans to resettle 20,000 people from refugee camps within Syria.

The camps are run by the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) and Nichols said very few people in these tended to be Christian.

Nichols told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I can see the point in going directly to the refugee camps, but I think its unintended consequence will be that there will be few, if any, Christians coming to this country … because, for the most part, Christian refugees do not go into the UNHCR camps. They go to fellow Christian organisations.”


People in the camps are not Christian because Christians in these camps would legitimately fear for their lives among the people who are there.


Very good point.


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