Catholic Heavy Metal

I happened across this today: and I found it pretty appealing. ...'specially since I go to a Latin Rite parish ...and I'm into several genres of music, including heavy metal..

Is there anything else out there like that? I tend to get turned off by a lot of the protestant christian "mainstream" stuff and I'm looking for more like this.. perhaps Gregorian chant set to guitars, etc... (not Enigma :) )

The only Catholic metal band I know of is Eterna. They're Brazilian power metal.

One of the other CAF posters recently turned me on to HB. They're like a Christian version of Nightwish (they're even from Finland!). They're not Catholic, though. One of the tracks on Frozen Inside even takes a 3 minute break for one of the guys to recite the Sinner's Prayer. :rolleyes: But I still think they're pretty cool.

I know a lot of other good Christian metal bands: Theocracy, Saviour Machine, Veni Domine, Divinefire, etc. They all have their moments of theological inaccuracies and subtle (though sometimes not-so-subtle) barbs thrown at the Catholic Church. But I guess I've learned to take what I can get. :o

I would love to see a top-notch Catholic metal band who is able to incorporate Gregorian chant and who has lyrics that are beautiful with theological depth. All we need is five or so Catholic metalheads with degrees in theology. :p I would join up, but I'd need an infusion of musical ability to get started. :D

Yep... If only we could play these guitars... heh heh

I just listened to a few of the clips on YOU TUBE ... not my cup of tea, but glad it's out there for others to enjoy. As I've said many times, diversity is good.

Thanks for calling it to my attention, I'm going to let my husband listen to it. I'll bet he'll like it. I'll let you know.


Man! I've just been checking out some the Eterna stuff. Awsome!!!

I've got a bass guitar if others want to work on other instruments! :thumbsup:

[quote="Poco, post:5, topic:252550"]
Man! I've just been checking out some the Eterna stuff. Awsome!!!



[quote="Poco, post:5, topic:252550"]
I've got a bass guitar if others want to work on other instruments! :thumbsup:


I'll write the lyrics and perform all death grunts. :p I can do drums, as long as they are modeled after the Guitar Hero set. :D

For all those interested, someone just started up a Christians Who Like Rock/Metal group here at CAF. Come join the fun! :)

I know of Stryper

check out my band, Theandric. We integrate gregorian chants with heavy metal and take our inspiration from Scripture, Tradition and Papal encyclicals.

For fans of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc.

On youtube you can check out these songs: VCS ATD

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also check out what’s happening at

I know some metal bands that I know are Catholic.

There’s this Melo-Black Metal band called Deborah (after Judge Deborah). I know they’re Catholic because one of their songs is called “Bebe mi Sangre,” which means drink my blood (the cup of Christ’s blood). The lyrics sound almost (or exactly) like the stuff in John’s Gospel Chapter 6 about the Eucharist, such as “unless u eat the flesh of the son of man, u have no life in you” (not sure how exact, cuz it’s in Spanish, and I don’t know that much Spanish). Well, here’s one of their songs on Youtube called “The Song of Deborah” (this one’s in English):

There’s also this band called Exousia. I know they’re Catholic cuz the lead singer was wearing a rosary similar to the ones friars and monks wear (on the waist area); plus they’re Mexican like Deborah, and Mexico is dominantly Catholic. I’m not sure wat they’re genre is (it’s either Thrash or Melo-deth metal; I think they started out thrash). They do screaming vocals and have some Spanish lyrics. This one’s called “Yo Creo en Dios” which means “I believe in God”

There’s this band called Elgibbor, which is the Polish (I think) way to say a Hebrew word that sounds the same and means “Mighty God.” I think the guy (it’s a one man band) is Catholic cuz he’s based in Poland, and they’re very Catholic, like Blessed Pope John Paul II. Also, his album called “Stronger than Hell” has St. Michael brutalizing satan for its album cover; it’s a bit different than older pictures, in a way than satan looks more disgusting, beastly, and evil. I’m not 100% sure if Elgibbor is Catholic though, but they’re really good Christian black metal (my favorite). What’s interesting about the guy is that he used to be deeply into satanism, but he was made a new creation and makes great Christian metal. This is his song called “The Fall of Lucifer,” directly taken from Isiah:

^–I just love the blast beating in that song and the vocal consistency.

Did you know Joey Demaio from Manowar was a Knight of Malta?



the first guitar I ever played at church was a B.C. Rich Warlock
Today I run a rig that is hard to trump in terms of vulgarity, which is something of a prerequisite for any equipment I choose. Yes we CAN shred in the Catholic church. I have kicked the door open for the six stringed razor in two parishes so far. You need only learn to tame these wild animals and play with taste and reverence.
If you knew what kind of weapons grade instruments I play any given Sunday, you’d know I’ve made a LOT of room for the electric guitar in the house of God.

Huge fan of Manowar and I had no idea about that. Interesting.

If you are curious about Catholic Metal…check out - the website is being updated but should be finished by Jan.20/2013. We have been around for about 18 months or so and are ready to release our 3rd compilation project “Praising Him Loudly: Volume Two.” It should be out by the end of January 2013 - in the meantime - you are invited to sample some of the best Catholic Metal bands ever as a free download or live streaming at - we are a pretty active community and - hopefully - you will be able to see this after all the updates are finished. The music is up and running!! God Bless you and remember to pray the rosary every day!
dave flitton

Demon Hunter are a Catholic metal band. Their album ‘True Defiance’ has a rosary engraved into the CD. Lots of Catholic themes throughout the music. Also, check out Becoming the Archetype - not sure if they are Catholic but they are definitely Christian.

STRYPER is the best and O.G. of Christian Heavy Metal

Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace Encouragement & Righteousness

Isaiah 53:5 was the first Bible verse I memorized. :slight_smile:

Known Catholic bands by subgenre:

Black Metal:
Elgibbor (Poland) -
Fire Throne (Poland) -

Progressive/Gothic Metal:
Illuminandi (Poland) -

Power Metal:
Eterna (Brazil) -

Speed/Thrash Metal:
Last Rites (Georgia, USA) -

Of these… Only Elgibbor and Fire Throne (which are both the same guy) are up to the musical quality of comparable secular or protestant bands. Illuminandi is good too, if a bit unfocused. Unfortunately, Thrash is kind of Metal’s flagship subgenre (i.e. Metallica, Dark Angel, Slayer, etc…) and our sole Catholic representative, Last Rites, really kind of falls flat. It’s a one man band, and although he is a fabulous guitarist, the songs are aimlessly wandering all over the place, totally unfocused.

The following are protestant bands whose theology is acceptable in a pinch, and whose musical quality is unparalleled in Metal of any background:

Sacrament (Pennsylvania, USA)(Evangelical) -
Thresher (Pennsylvania, USA)(Baptist? Presbyterian? Evangelical Baptist?) -
Detritus (Bristol, England)(High Anglican with Catholic sympathies) -
Creation Of Death (Poland) -

Creation Of Death may be Catholic. They are from Poland after all. I just haven’t ever been able to confirm their affiliation. The band is now defunct. A word of warning, however; they are quite angry about abortion, as are we all; but angry enough to drop an F bomb in one song about abortion. I’m angry enough to drop F bombs too, but if that offends you, just watch out for it. The lyrics are available in the link I’ve posted here.

Detritus are Anglican, but songs like Taste The Blood imply a belief in the Real Presence, and band leader Mark Broomhead has hung up his bass guitar in favor of the vestments of an Anglican “priest.” He’s soooooo close to coming home to mother Church. If we could bring him home…

There are some Catholic Death Metal bands as well but I typed this all from memory and their names escape me at the moment.

That’s all for now. Enjoy!

I did a bit of digging and found the following as well.

Monastery (Poland) - Thrash Metal influenced strongly by Slayer, with female vocals which create a product not entirely unlike Germany’s Holy Moses. Mostly in Polish.

Brutal Cross (Poland/Ireland) - Death Metal with some melodic Death and Black Metal influences, a bit less aggressive than most Polish Death Metal (Vader, Decapitated, Deiwos, etc…), but very tight and well produced.

Struendo (Spain) - Crossover/Thrash similar to Tankard or Agnostic Front. Todo en Espanol.

Muerte Villa (Texas) - Straightforward “meat and potatoes” Death Metal. Fast, brutal, nothing fancy, just straight up Death Metal. Totally formulaic. <—That is a compliment. Two thumbs up from this metalhead elitist. All songs in Spanish.

Rosicrucian (Bristol, England) - Black Metal of a rather ordinary sort, no real innovation, but well produced, well written, and enjoyable.

Aggelos (Columbia) - Gothic Metal, respectable, if a bit pedestrian. Sort of a poor man’s Dismal Euphony. If Gothic Metal is your cup of tea, worth a spin.

It is worth mentioning that most “Christian” Metal bands, who are overwhelmingly protestant, have some merit. There are a few however, of extremely high musical quality, who should be avoided by Catholics as if they were card carrying Satanists. Bands like Theocracy (prog/power metal from Georgia, USA) and Metanoia (from Australia) have multiple songs that are deeply offensive to the Holy Spirit in that they dump on the Church (the song “Nailed” by Theocracy), or slander the Blessed Mother (the song “Never” by Metanoia). I single these two out as examples because not only are they flinging the devil’s own lies at the Church and at the Blessed Mother, but also because their musical quality and reputations are impeccable. Our separated Protestant brethren may recommend these sorts of artists in good faith, not meaning any harm. It is best to be forewarned.

God Bless.

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