Catholic Heavy Weight Thinkers who became Protestant

I have an impression that there have been a lot of converts to Catholicism from serious bible preaching protestants e.g. Tim Staples, Peter Kreeft, Jim Aitken, etc

Are there notable Catholic’s who now preach for the protestant cause i.e. people who grew up and had a preaching role, theologian etc as Catholics who now champion the protestant view? I am not referring to bishops or priests who have left to have relationships with women

Now and again you hear of a priest who leaves the Catholic Church for a Protestant outfit or sect, but I can’t think of any heavyweights who have done so.

I think the search for truth keeps most of them there, because that’s where they find it.

Surely there must be some biblical scholars who look at all the evidence and say the catholic church is wrong and i am going to be a protestant. I do not expect there to be many but would have expected there to be some…

Wikipedia always has the answer (see here).

That list is hysterical. :rotfl: The list itself claims to be one of those who were at least nominally Catholic. Most of them are celebrities not people that would qualify as a Heavy Weight Thinker on matters theological.

Two are interesting though.

Matthew Fox was a pretty famous writer of spirituality books when he was still a Catholic priest. He did not “study” himself into a conversion, however,ala Scott Hahn, but rather joined the Episcopal Church after getting dismissed from his order.

The other is Geza Vermes. I hadn’t heard of him but the link claims he is an expert on the Dead Sea scrolls. On the other hand, he left the Church (and the priesthood) in 1957 and got married in 1958. That sounds very Cutie to me. Besides, he taught Jewish studies (his parents were converts from Judaism) not Protestant.

BTW, Martin Luther makes Wikipedia’s list.

I thought Fox was still Catholic. I learn something new every day.

Cardinal Newman going the other way? Not that I can think of. I know of two Dominican priests, one of whom was a missionary and became Reformed, and another newly ordained, who became LDS. I have spoken with the former missionary, and he can’t have had a proper seminary formation. He wasn’t ready for Confirmation, let alone Holy Orders.

There is a Father Robert Fox who is loyal to the Church. I think he is associated with the Blue Army.


Cardinal Ratzinger did forbid him from speaking about theological matters for a year, and also to step down as director of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality (which he founded.) Apparently, the Dominicans kicked him out a couple years later because he refused to leave behind his work with that institute.

I will never understand how a person can justify using the Bible to disprove the Church who gave it to them in the first place.

Got it in one!

John Wayne: Oscar-winning American film actor (converted shortly before his death; all his wives and children were Catholics)

The Duke!

I love this. This is great. Can I quote you on this?

Fr. Cutie

From the OP:

I am not referring to bishops or priests who have left to have relationships with women

Plus I’m not sure if Father Cutié would count as a “Catholic Heavy Weight Thinker who became Protestant” (emphasis added).

One uses the bible to show that Rome is lacking.

I’m sorry, do I understand you to mean, “Is there anyone out there smart enough to disprove the catholic Church?”


Tim, I can promise you this, if you settle in on *what *the Church teaches (found most thoroughly in the Catechism) instead of *who *teaches it and keep your Bible (and maybe a trusted priest) close at hand while doing so, you’ll soon discern that you are as smart as any scholar who could prove or disprove a religion.

What you really need to know is what the Church teaches and if you can find the Truth in that.

Pray for the Truth, not someone to prove or disprove it to you.

God Bless your endeavor!

Peace Be With You


What about Friedrich Heiler (see here)?

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