Catholic High School boys taunt Indigenous Vietnam Vet


If you haven’t seen it :

I am ashamed to be a Catholic today. That children could grow up in our Church and feel this was acceptable is mindboggling. Where were the teachers, the parents and the pastor as this was happening? I pray that justice will prevail and that these criminals are Excommunicated until they repent.


This is beyond disgusting. This is what I’d expect from the Westboro Baptists.


This is what happens when juvenile ignorance meets lack of supervision.

The ignorance is the worst part, though. All that MAGA stuff came from some place. I suppose the apples didn’t fall far from the trees in this situation.


Well all those little genius’ faces are plastered all over the internet. I would imagine that they will be mole people for a long time.


This made me sad to see this. I’m not catholic, but went to a catholic high school and can’t imagine any of the people I went to school doing something like this. Sadly, I think it’s a reflection of the parents.


Yes, I think they believe there is an expiration date on the internet. These boys will find that companies do internet searches before they hire people.


That too, but I think the way society is these days (mob mentality), they need to worry about threats and physical harm more than getting hired. And the press is just loving the MAGA hat so that will be a trigger also.


Trump has do nothing of the sort. How about we stay on subject instead of following the crowd?


This has everything to do with Trump. He has made it okay to express these kinds of beliefs in public.


Those boys are wearing MAGA hats.


Well I certainly hope the President will speak on this and condemn it in the strongest possible terms. That’s what leaders are suppose to do after things like this. Even if they wear his badge while trying to Lynch.

Unfortunately, if past experience is an example, it isn’t very likely. #SAD


If they were wearing BLM hats would you condemn that group? I think not. Bait taken.


What are you trying to say? You’re not making any sense.


Politics before faith for you eh?


One of the more disgusting displays I’ve seen. Totally taints the March for Life.


I think what ColorMomma is trying to get across is that these boys didn’t do this in a vacuum. Everyone that failed them to the point where they fell into this sin needs to take and be held responsible. The Parents, Teachers, clergy and the President. To suggest the President has no responsibility for this is ludicrous.


You’re right, you can’t blame what those kids are doing on the American President. Those are hats, and lots of young people take those hats as a joke. You wouldn’t blame Elon Musk if someone did a hit and run in a Tesla now would you?

These kids come from a Catholic school, already indicating that they come from somewhere more financially secure due to those schools being almost as expensive as private schools. They are in a position of privilege therefore it’s easy for them to stray.

If you want to blame someone I also wouldn’t blame the parents straight away, because I do not know them.

What I will say however is simple, in modern society there has been a complete degredation of the family unit. Kids don’t often look up to their parents anymore, instead they look towards peers and strangers on the internet. Likewise their behaviour is not representative of Catholic values, so we can’t blame the school.

The kids did this, so they are the only ones who are accountable at the moment for their actions.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and try to judge parents, presidents and traditional authority institutions for the behaviour of a couple of punk kids.

-With the kindest regards, James.


As a penance, they should be made to spend time doing a service project at a veteran’s hospital or home, preferably one for Native Americans.

And if they were carrying rosaries would that mean it has everything to do with the Catholic Church, and that the Catholic Church instigated it?


ColorMomma, with all due respect it seems like you are the one making this political. Please do not try to insinuate that man puts politics ahead of his faith and try to demean him in that way, especially not when you are the one trying to turn this example of rude kids into a rant about your own president.

Lets calm down everybody okay? Let all of us be more Christian and make less accusations when we don’t have the facts nor the authourity to do so.

-Kindest regards, James.


Yes, their actions reflect on the Catholic Church and the Church should immediately let them and the world know that. I pray the school will expel them and the church will excommunicate them. Failure to take action will cost the Church dearly.

The President must also accept his responsibility for this disgrace. If he comes out, tonight, and states categorically that this behavior is not acceptable, then I will join you in applauding a President doing his job well. If he does not, then he is telling this mob that their actions are acceptable.

Sadly, I have suspicions as to which way it will go. I pray I’m wrong, but we will know by morning.

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