Catholic High School boys taunt Indigenous Vietnam Vet


I would. I don’t like any group think.


This happened at the March For Life yesterday? How is this “pro-life”… quite hypocritical


You’re saying that their wearing MAGA hats and chanting about building the wall has nothing to do with their political ideology? That they’re just wearing the hats because they’re fashionable? That is ridiculous.

If you want to blame someone I also wouldn’t blame the parents straight away, because I do not know them.

I don’t know the parents, but I know that their kids showed utter contempt for an elder and a veteran, and the behavior of kids reflects on their parents. Do parents have no responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong?

What I will say however is simple, in modern society there has been a complete degredation of the family unit. Kids don’t often look up to their parents anymore, instead they look towards peers and strangers on the internet. Likewise their behaviour is not representative of Catholic values, so we can’t blame the school.

If their behavior isn’t representative of Catholic values, then we can absolutely blame the school because it has failed in its mission to instill Catholic values in them.

The kids did this, so they are the only ones who are accountable at the moment for their actions.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and try to judge parents, presidents and traditional authority institutions for the behaviour of a couple of punk kids.
-With the kindest regards, James.

It was a large crowd of kids.


I think you are failing to understand that society today is a lot different from biblical times, yes it is our belief that parents should teach kids right and wrong however in todays world it’s not that easy. The things kids are being taught at school are things parents never even heard of (math sucks now), and this is creating a sort of distortion to authority. Like I said kids don’t go to parents for wisdom, they now go to peers or online. To blame a mother and father because society is forcing the whole family unit to degrade along with the balance of power is unfair.

In terms of school and Catholic values? Sadly schools are not like Jewish schools that only accept jews, a local Catholic school in my area admits both Muslims and those of the Sikh branch of faith. Are you going to blame that Catholic school if those students don’t accept the divinity of Christ?

Finally, good to see you noticed it was a large group of kids. I think you are familiar with the term “mob rule” and see how that can influence behaviour.

The society we have today is one that we simply can’t make those usual excuses anymore (ah the parents fault), and I’m concerned with the quick judgements some of our brethren are making. If people don’t even understand modern society how will we ever be able to keep youth in our flock?

-Kindest regards, James.


There parents must be so proud. Who the heck sent them to a prolife rally wearing those hats? I’m not a huge fan of our local Catholic high schools, but most of the kids who attend the March for Life in our area have to do all sorts of projects to raise money, fasting, and an overnight retreat in order to attend this thing. They know they are reflecting on their school, their community, and the whole prolife movement. Those kids are an embarrassment.


Perhaps you have a point here. The parents can not compete with Pop Culture figures that are everywhere these days. Perhaps we should take a closer look at the video and see if we can identify who might have turned these children into a mob. Maybe an article of clothing they are wearing can give us hint.


Dude, I’m not so old that things have changed radically since I was their age, and there is no way I would ever, ever have done anything like what was done here. You can’t just blame society, especially since most of society is condemning these kids’ actions, except “strangely” enough in the Trump fanboy parts of the country. These weren’t Muslims. These weren’t Sikhs. They were Trumpified Catholics from a Catholic school whose school or parents drug them to the March for Life for who knows what reason because obviously they have no respect for anyone.


Not gonna comment on the politics as I’m not from there so don’t have an inside view. However, as someone who works with teenage boys, Catholic and non Catholic every day, this stuff happens. They will eventually grow up and realise what they’ve done. Or they won’t. Keep on speaking up for the right thing and doing the right thing and that’s all you can reasonably do. Be the example you want to see in the world but also, they are kids and they make mistakes. People saying well their photos are online and they won’t get employed - maybe so, but they deserve a chance to reflect and change. And I will pray for them and also that man who didn’t deserve that


So, “boys will be boys.” Don’t take them out in public then. I work with kids too. It is not very hard to determine which kids are likely to behave like pigs the moment they get the chance. Don’t take them to the March for Life and have them get up in front of the world and represent the prolife movement as well as the Church in this way.


Humans will be humans. Im not condoning it. I’ve been both hideously shocked and marvellously humbled over the years by the behaviour of kids I thought I knew. We are all capable of such things and we are all capable of the best. I am just saying we need to set the example. If you don’t take them out in public how are they gonna learn ?


Non-edited versión of the video, for those interested:

Honestly, from watching this, I don’t know what those boys were attempting to do.

EDIT: I did not hear anyone chanting “Build the wall!” in the video.


Lots of kids have learned by being told that they aren’t invited on a trip to DC because of their behavior and attitude. Granted, Kentucky is much closer to DC than Missouri, but around here, you often have to earn your spot on that bus.


So I would say this is very like people who disrupt Masses. Although usually they are the few and the Mass-goers are the many and have ways to defend themselves. There is an additional element of bullying and cowardice here and not the slightest courage or bravery being displayed by the boys. Many Catholics have behaved this way before, as have many of other beliefs, in responding to demagogues and irrational leaders.


On a behaviour level I agree, if those were my lads they’d be in isolation for a week when they got back. But you have to sometimes take the risk as to who needs to be on the trip don’t you if you feel they need to learn that lesson. I TOTALLY get it there are those certain trips where you go heck no don’t take that kid ! I don’t fully know what is happening with the maga hats which is why I stated that I feel I should stay out of the politics. But just from a good manners and field trip point of view 1. You have to give them chance 2. You have to react accordingly 3. You have to give them chance to reflect and put it right. Their behaviour is dreadful but it can be put right and just not taking them is not the answer


Some of them were chanting “Build the wall”? Do these idiot kids know where the veteran’s people came from?


No, they’re kids, they heard it on the internet and they’re on camera they’re acting up accordingly. They don’t fully understand it. I have kids who talk really inappropriately about stuff that happened before they were born they have access to the internet and listen to their parents joking about things


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