Catholic Hippies or Traditionalists

Has anyone else noticed that more male Catholic faithful are bearded and longer haired? Is this a cultural trend reflecting greater interest in the Saints or forefathers of our Faith? Any thoughts on this?

Haven’t noticed anything like that around here.
Must be an area thing.

I dont think it has to do with being faithful…more like this is what the fashion of the time is dictating.

Beard? Yes. Hair? No. They use the top of my head to bounce signals off to satelites.

I have long hair, and a budding beard. I don’t feel this makes me any less faithful to the church. I embody many “liberal” beliefs (though I use this term lightly). I’m just more progressively minded in some issues without rejection of church doctines.

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I don’t notice alot of beards at TLM here, but I have a full beard mainly because a) I’m 19 and without a beard I look very young and b) I’m the only one in my (extended included) family with a beard.

So am I a rebel? No, I don’t think so.

I haven’t seen any trends like that personally. Perhaps some men do try to be a reflection of a Saint or other individual within Church history. I’m not quite sure how that would make them “Hippies” though…


Not sure what planet that you inhabit but I think there are only 2 or 3 bearded gents at our FSSP parish. And there may be a couple of long hairs there too. But just check out society in general.

Have a Blessed Easter

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