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Last night at my RCIA group they taught us “A short church history”. Well, that only brought up more questions for me. They made Luther sound like a hero, the great schism was totally skipped (until I asked because I am currently having problems understanding it), made it sound like women should be priests (“in the early church women helped run the house churches; it was the Greek influence that pushed them out”), and a bunch of other stuff that made me go "uhm…right.:shrug: " So! I was wondering if you had any good resources of church history. I love internet resources, but I can check out my library if you know any good titles.

I usually have problems finding good catholic resources for anything, I have more than once started reading a book to find out it is geared towards a protestant audience. That’s why I’m asking you!

Thanks very much!:smiley:



Here is a link to the Church History by Eusebius. It is an excellent guide for the first 300 years of the Church.


Books by Dr. Warren Carroll, Hillaire Belloc, and Regine Pernoud are great starts.


Amen. Carroll has five thick books that starts with the Foundation from Abraham to Constantine and Ends with the Reformation. A Sixth volume is planned. They good, are orthodox, and require a lot of reading time. Belloc has a number of books on for about $15 bucks each. Three of them that I have cover Herisies , the reformation, and in a third short Sections covering the main personalities of the reformation.


Also if you want a more condensed version made as a text book for a Catholic highschool check out Christ the King Lord of History by his wife Ann Carrol. I can tell from experiance that they borrow material over from one another.

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