Catholic hospital in Nova Scotia required to offer assisted suicide, euthanasia


They should tell the group to take legal action. This goes against the very practice of medicine.
Do no harm.
Do good.
And it goes against the vision and mission of a Catholic hospital based on the religion’s morals and values.

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Which party is in power in Nova Scotia?
Why it’s the Liberal Party. But this is no surprise. There’s no room for Christians in the Liberal Party or any party. The Conservatives are just moderately better but a number of their provincial counterparts are just as hostile but hide it.


What are the disabilities rights advocates in Canada doing about this?

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When Catholic hospitals are threatened by this type of action, they cannot give in. They should fight this, using every available avenue, and if they lose and exhaust every possible appeal, then the hospital should be shut down. Not sold, but simply shut down. I don’t know how far another hospital would be, but the farther away, the better. People will have to travel farther to get care. Emergency services will be slower to respond. Let there be real consequences for the people when the government interferes in religious freedom of the hospitals to operate, and perhaps there will be a chance to change public opinion and force the government to change its policies. But giving in on situations like this will only ensure the swift implementation of this policy in other areas on other Catholic hospitals.

It sounds like this particular hospital is effectively run by the government already and isn’t really Catholic, based on what I’m reading here, it’s just that government took over the hospital, made certain promises, and is not reneging on that agreement. Maybe this will be another wake up call to those who think that the government will abide by these sorts of promises when atheism is the de facto religion of most western countries today.


Raise their concerns but the politicians won’t care. Right now, there’s a push to expand euthanasia. And most of the media portray this as a good thing. They give just enough time for an opponent to mention a few points against expanding it to qualify as fair reporting while most of the time is about how it’s needed.

In theory, the Catholic hospital should have the upper hand if it were still being controlled by Catholics. It hasn’t been since 1996 as the article mentioned. The agreement only stated it should maintain a Catholic identity. The lesson here is never trust the State on matters of religion.
There’s a healthcare crisis in Nova Scotia. There’s a shortage of doctors and ERs being closed for the night.

Yeah I noticed that too.
“Catholic hospital” is a misnomer. It hasn’t been actually run by Catholics in decades - the provincial health authority took control of it. Once that happens, it is no longer a Catholic issue.

Whatever agreement was signed likely wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. In my hometown, the hospital was taken over under an agreement that the entity taking it over would keep it open. A few years go by and guess what, it’s being torn down as we speak with no plans to rebuild and a lot of people are hopping mad.

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