Catholic hospital will allow transgender surgery after being sued I know in this world, people sue for everything. But I just don’t get this. Not at all. :shrug: Of course this is happening in good old California where sanity doesn’t reign in the legislature, or judicial system in my opinion… Might as well add the executive branch too!

How wonderful! :rolleyes: Sarcasm intended. I am so thankful I don’t live in California where liberalism and insanity reigns. :mad:

I am sorry to say that we can add those in control of this “catholic” hospital to your list.

This is going to get worse…if one party retains control of congress and one particular individual gets elected to the presidency…the Freedom of Choice Act will be passed and will force all hospitals and private practices, despite religious beliefs, to provide abortion on demand at ANY point in the pregnancy, without question!

Again, totally turning back ANY progress that the pro-life movement has made in the past 35 years.

Please please don’t throw abortion in to this thread. That is a totally separate issue. Also not mutually exclusive. I’m very anti abortion and yes a transsexual also. If the hospital doen’t want to breast augmentation fine thats cosmetic, but if they are going to do it for one they should do it for everyone… Yes they should not be forced to do abortions , abortion ought to be a capital crime.

Sorry, but these are the things that people need to be fully aware of before voting for those who will allow and in fact, enforce legislation such as this. BOTH, are wrong…private hospitals and practices should be able to treat and NOT treat whoever they deem, without government interference.

You know…the whole, “no shoes, no shirt, no service” standards…but instead “discrimination” is thrown around and it is used to FORCE the acceptance of minority groups…so much for everyone being created “equal”!

Look the Catholic Church only recognizes the gender of birth. Any change of a gender identity is looked upon as being disordered. We are to act charitably to all people.

Catholic Hospitals should not make the situation even more disordered with direct or indirect co-operation. So things that are against the teachings of the Church should not be allowed in Catholic hospitals.

The article mentioned in the first post is four months old. It says the lawsuit would proceed, despite Seton’s about-face.

Does anyone know the status of the lawsuit? Is it still pending, or was it dismissed, or was it dropped, etc.

No The Catholic church reconizes the sex at birth and whats in one’s mind and soul had better conform to what the body is. In other words the old saying " it’s whats inside that counts" does’nt apply here unfortunately. Sex is the physical anatamy and gender is the mind and soul, but the church like most of the superficial world doesn’t care about the nonphysical in this case. If this hospital is run on all private funds then they can do whatever they want legally and ethically but if they take in public money they had better be carefull of discriminatory policies like that.

I’m curious do you know the official stance on intersexed individuals? Since gender absolutely cannot equal physical sex when discussing people who are intersexed, (neither biologically male or biologically female), at that point does the Church recognize that a person develops gender over time or no? I’m really just wondering here, and I’m pretty sure that very few folks on this forum would even know what I was talking about, but it seems you might…

Many of us on this forum know about this subject as there is a very vocal person that posts here on the subject. The poster states that the policy is to follow the birth certificate of the individual.

Actually children who are intersexed are generally assigned sex and then made organs based upon convenience, the famous quote on that is: “It’s easier to dig a hole than build a pole”. I for one would not allow a doctor to decide what physical sex my child was and then subject them to repeated surgery without that child’s input so in that case there would be no immediate listing of sex on the birth certificate. So that would still be a question in limbo from where I stand, hopefully at some point I’ll run into that poster so that I can ask them.
Thanks though, I look forward to learning more in the future :wink:

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