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Merry Christmas everyone—

I work at a small rural Catholic hospital. We have a chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, but we haven’t had Mass there in years. Our chaplain is a Methodist minister. Reiki is offered as spiritual care of our inpatients. We do have a prayer said over the PA system at 2pm, which is great, but it usually goes: “Creator God (never Father) … we pray this in your Spirit, Amen”. Birth control pills are prescribed out of our health system OB/GYN clinics and can be picked up at our hospital pharmacy.
Yesterday took the cake, however. Got a letter from our health system asking for support that greeted me with “Happy holidays” – no mention of Christmas or the Christ Child anywhere in the letter.

I wish there was something I could do about the situation without putting my job in jeopardy.


Merry Christ's Mass and Happy Holy Day:)

IMHO....I don't see anything good coming to Catholic Hospitals, through "Health Care" legislation.

We had a chance of defeating the legislation. This was when it was in the House and lacking a Majority for passage.

Christianity, was played and pawned into allowing the House Bill to pass and open to the Senate bill.

I think, it's time Christianity, especially Catholics, to understand....we don't come away untouched, when trying to 'deal' with the devil of politics. Go for the win, as Saint Michael, or don't support... in any way.

As always, just my thoughts


Some other thoughts;


Are all your patients, doctors, supporters, janitors, nurses, techs, computer support, people, etc., Christians? The hospital probably recognizes and is respectful that they serve a diverse community. By wishing “Happy Holidays” they are being considerate.


this is not permitted, please inform your bishop. How does the Eucharist come to be there? No priest would bring it unless he knew the regulations on reservation chapels are being observed. Is it brought in and reserved until such time as it can be given to the sick? If so it sounds as if that is also not being done by properly trained ministers. Contact the diocese and find out who is the Catholic priest (not lay person) assigned to this hospital and keep making a noise with the diocese until something is done. That should not affect your job in any way.

someone has just posted on Catholic news, I think, the link to the article where the Catholic hospital network and the bishops have issued differing statements on the new legislation. It sounds like we are headed toward the same situation that exists with historically Catholic colleges that are now trading on their former Catholic identity but deliberately and maliciously perverting that identity.


Lay EMHC’s from our local parish come and bring Commumion from the tabernacle in the hospital chapel to give to the inpatients, and priests from the parishes in the local community come to visit the sick.

Nothing even has been done the last couple of years to honor our patron (Mar 19 and May 1).

The Blessed Sacrament is reserved there permanently. We have a new Bishop just installed a few weeks ago so he hasn’t. gotten his feet wet yet.


Our health system is run by the Sisters of St. Joseph and Daughters of Charity. We have a SSJ sister who is one of our Vice Presidents.


Not everone is a Christian, but it has not been a problem in the past for a Catholic hospital to celebrate The Reason for the Season without worrying about offending our non-Christian co-workers and friends. Why are we so ashamed with being identified with Jesus and His Church???


You’re not. By saying “Happy Holidays” you are allowing each person to choose for themselves what it means. To you, it means celebrating the birth of the son of your God. To others, it means something else.

Christmas is not the only reason for the season. There is solstice, yule, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Humanlight, etc.


Christ's Mass...Christmas

Holy Day...Holiday

The roots of these words, says it all, to me


[quote="kimmielittle, post:9, topic:180870"]
Christ's Mass...Christmas

Holy Day...Holiday

The roots of these words, says it all, to me


Exactly. By saying Happy Holidays, you allow the recipient to comprehend the message in whatever way they choose. Days are Holy for different reasons to different people.


Oh, for goodness sakes.

If a Catholic hospital does not wish people a Merry Christmas they might as well take the Catholic out of their name. Don't you think that everyone expects a Christian organization to be Christian? To wish people Happy Holidays is not neutral - it's a negative witness.

The Catholic hospital system is in such crisis right now. Denying your belief so you don't offend anyone is a sorry way to live a life or run a business.


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