Catholic Hospitals


Can anyone recommend a good Catholic Hospital in the Chicago or Elmhurst, IL area? The reason I am asking is because I would like to have my baby at a Catholic hospital…I had my son at one in California. I have been going to Northwestern Memorial and seeing a midwife there whom I really like, should I just stay there so that I’m not switching practitioners? I know that NMH has a wonderful birthing center and all the latest technology if anything was to ever go wrong. What do you all think?


well, I had my first child in a hospital and will be going to an out of hospital birth center from now on, so I am one to say that what you want out of birth is more important than if the birth place is Catholic. I would base my opinion on if they would have a hard time doing what I asked and treat me like a sick paitent in stead of a normal healthy laboring woman:twocents:


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