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Hi! This is quite vague… But I recently heard a song during mass at church that really struck me. It has this line in there somewhere… “Why do you doubt my power?” Do any of you know this song im talking about and can refer me to it please? Thanks!

If it helps… I now remember it was sung right during communion!

“Holy Darkness” by Dan Schutte

Holy darkness, blessed night, heaven’s answer hidden from our sight. As we await you, O God of silence, we embrace your holy night.

I have tried you in fires of affliction; I have taught your soul to grieve. In the barren soil of your loneliness, there I will plant my seed.

I have taught you the price of compassion; you have stood before the grave. Though my love can seem like a raging storm, this is the love that saves.

Were you there when I raised up the mountains? Can you guide the morning star? Does the hawk take flight when you give command? Why do you doubt my power?

In your deepest hour of darkness I will give you wealth untold. When the silence stills your spirit, will my riches fill your soul.

As the watchman waits for morning, and the bride awaits her groom, so we wait to hear your footsteps as we rest beneath your moon.

I love that hymn.


I’ve never heard it…just googled…but I’m waiting for the CAFfer who is going to criticize the “I Language” of the lyrics…

the what? :confused:


This hymn is written in first person, which is a point of contention in Liturgical Music nowadays. The words qualify for item #3 from this post:

Lyrics found in “Here I Am, Lord,” and “I Am the Bread of Life” fit neatly into this category.

N.B.: I’m not arguing for or against using this hymn. I’m just explaining there’s a bit of back and forth about what is appropriate for Liturgical music.

It’s only a contention among traditionalists, but it along with others mentioned, are in approved hymnals by the USCCB.


Ah; thanks to both of you.

Thanks alot Miserissima! :thumbsup:

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