Catholic Identity Card


I seen on Rome Reports on EWTN about Catholic Identity Cards. Looks like what old older Catholics use to carry around in the missals, necklaces, etc… about calling a priest in case of accident.


I actually carry one in my wallet. Had it for years. I hope that if anything happens to me, someone would have to foresight to call a priest.


I just typed one up and printed it off.

It has my name, address, current meds, allergies and my husband’s name and number. It also says, “in case of serious illness or injury, please contact a priest.” It then gives the local number for the church.

My husband’s came in handy when he had to go into the hospital through the emergency room. We didn’t have to waste any time going over any current meds or stuff like that. He just handed over his driver’s license, insurance card and the card I had printed.

There are a number of companies that have these. But like I said, I just printed one from the computer.


My Knights of Columbus membership card bears the “please call a priest” legend on the back (as well as instructions and address to contact an officer of the council), so I hope I will be assisted if ever necessary.

On a related note: My father used to say, of his WWII dog tags, that they identified him as “either a Catholic with type-A blood, or an Atheist with type-C blood” :rotfl:

I miss Dad


I still wear a form of ‘dog-tag’… it’s a four-way medal around my neck. On the back of it it says “I am a Catholic, please call a Priest”.

My wallet does have various membership cards, but I noticed there was nothing in there about contacting my wife (or how)… perhaps I should put that in there as well. Funny… how could I overlook that VERY important element???

Thanks for the insight…


This has got me thinking…

I should get a card or something like this. It is impossible to predict an emergency and I hate the thought of dying without receiving Extreme Unction or the Anointing of the Sick. If a card like this could cause somebody to call a priest for us in the hour of our death, I think it is extremely important!


I made one using Microsoft word. Downloaded a clip art pic of a rosary and typed the info on it and printed it on card stock, then just cut it out. It’s not hard to make one yourself.


Not trying to sell this particular one because you can use anything, but this is free. They only ask you to pay for mailing and if you want a donation. Just so you know:)


I also put mine in the DL window of my wallet, so it’s the first thing you see when you open it, and my DL is behind it. So, you can’t get my DL without getting the card too.:thumbsup:


The only problem with this one, is that it only says to call a priest. I would also like for them to call my husband. And to know that I take meds on a daily basis. And that I have Celiac. :shrug:


I have a five way medal on my key chain that says ‘I am a Catholic, please call a priest’.


I carry one too. :thumbsup: Our new Pastor made them available, in the parish office.


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