Catholic images in letters


Hello, I’m going to a retreat and am writing letters for some of the other retreatants. I was just wondering if you can put images of the crucifix or the Holy Spirit on letters, or paper. I think so - I’m just making sure…


or if they have to be in a certain place…im not really sure if this is a good question to ask…


You can certainly put holy pictures on paper. I don’t see why there would be anything against it. You’re doing it for a good reason–inspiration. The only way using a picture would be wrong is if you use it in a disrespectful way.
By the way, good luck on your retreat and may God bless you and the retreatants.


Thank you. To correct my last post though, i messed up - it’s not really a retreat - im not sure you’ve heard of it - Teens Encounter Christ (TEC), yes you spend three days at a church, but then you’re encouraged to take what you’ve learned and experienced and continue after those three days - so i guess to be completely correct - its a movement lol;)


Well good luck to you still. I hope all who participate will be blessed. I’ll be praying for it too.


melissa09, this might be a tad bit off topic, but could you tell me more about TEC? The way you describe it, it sounds like a teen version of the Cursillo, or something. I’m a youth minister and am wondering if that program would have some good ideas for our apostolate.


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