Catholic in a Fraternity

Hello there,

I am a Catholic who in his freshman year of college joined a non-secret fraternity. As a Catholic, I generally get along with all of my brothers who respect my beliefs and recognize that I do not drink and party nor will I pay for either of those. Nevertheless, on some nights I am asked to do sober driving and to deliver speakers and cleaning equipment. Am I promoting that kind of behavior by doing these services or am I looking at this from an incorrect perspective?:shrug:


sounds to me like you are providing a much needed service…let yr frat bros have their fun…don’t judge …overindulgence is a sin…I believe…but we can pray for them…

I think you’re doing alright. You’re leading by example. Also, having something to drink and listening to music/dancing are not sinful by themselves. It is just that many college parties go way overboard.

I would at least say that by being a designated driver, you are saving lives.

You shouldn’t be in a fraternity because they cost like 800 dollars a semester, money which could be spent more wisely.

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