Catholic in a Fundamentalist school


Hello, I seem to post new threads but I always seem to have new questions!! :frowning:

So here it is:

I am now a full catholic (yay!!!) But I am still in my ultra fundamental school, where in the required 3x a week chapels there is usually some reference to catholics being heretics, the unsaved catholics, the perverted catholic priests, and even today a student shouting out the belief of the Pope as the Antichrist!!

I have been going to daily mass and I have been finding immense strength through the body ond blood of our Lord, but how do I react to this? i pray for my school every day, but how does a catholic, or how SHOULD a catholic act? I have only 3 weeks to graduation, but I can’t get bitter just yet, but this is HARD!!


You’re really in a tough spot. Sorry I don’t really have any words of wisdom. I just wanted you to know that I’m praying for you.


When in doubt about how a Catholic ought to behave just remember that Jesus washed Judas’s feet too.

Best of luck.


A few points.

First, do these people know that you are Catholic?

Second, would the school administration care if they knew you were Catholic?

Third, welcome home, brother. It brings me great joy to share one communion with you. :thumbsup:

Pax Tecum,


Be careful, Slim. Fundamentalists will lie low, and ambush you when you start feeling at home with them. They don’t cotton to Catholics, and never will.:knight1:


Ya, know if you weren’t so close to graduation it might be worth it to drop out but… Being you are that close I would hang in there. I would offer this up for someone in need, like the souls in Purgatory. Look at this as your cross to bare for the next 3 weeks and follow Jesus. Do any of your classes require you to discuss what went on during the service? If not, I would spend time praying the Divine Mercy or the Rosary during the service.
BTW, I would not say anything to the school officials about being Catholic unless they specifically ask.

I’ll keep you in my prayers that God will give you the strength to get though the next 3 weeks. :gopray:


Hey brother I feel for you. Know first of all that you have a big family of brothers and sisters here to lean on. Secondly while these Fundamentalists are spewing venom, remember Jesus Christs example of humility, this is how you know the good fruit from the bad fruit, by love and humility. Be charitable and stand firm. These folks can spew venom and hate all they want, you know the truth and the truth will set you free! Meditate on the suffering of Christ, his lonliness, how he was scorned, mocked and draw close to Him that way, believe me he’ll draw close to you:)


I have been going to daily mass and I have been finding immense strength through the body ond blood of our Lord,…

… keep your focus on the Lord :slight_smile:


Good Grief this sounds like a School Jimmy Swaggert would run:)

I agree with many here. Don’t rock the boat till your grades come out. Then on Graduation day attend the event with your HEad Tonsured like a monk, and wearing a a big on Crucifix. Oh and you might want to write out the Hail Mary on top of your graduation Cap:D


:clapping: :rotfl: :clapping: :rotfl: :clapping: :rotfl:


Oh and you might want to write out the Hail Mary on top of your graduation Cap

Well, that might constitute murder by the measure of some theologians - I’m sure you’d give at least one of them a heart attack. But personally, I wouldn’t worry. Principle of double effect, I think they call it. :rolleyes: JUST KIDDING.

But don’t hold back once they lose their grip on your grades.

And as far as I’m concerned, you may as well go full force and throw the Salve Regina on there too. :thumbsup:


I know this is going to be tough but remember these people are doing this more out of ignorance than just pure hate although it would appear this way. It’s like Jesus said “Forigive them Father for they know what they do.” It is likely these people love Jesus as much as you do and since they view the church as the whore of babylon they naturally despise the church when they should seek her out. But like Fulton Sheen said there is not a handful of people in the United States who hate the church in the United States. The problem is they are people who hate her who don’t know what she truly is the true lone bride of christ. Look you have an entire school that seems to a primer for Bob Jones University your not going to win the argument in 3 weeks and you do want to graduate. For mere aquanintenances I wouldn’t put up to much a fight as in your 3 weeks your likely never to see this people ever agin. However to those whom you regards as your friends I would start a dialogue on what they think of Catholcism and why as it might plant seeds for later on and provide a basis for dialogue beyond graduation day. But I wouldn’t take on the whole school the last 3 weeks of the season your likely to only cause hostility than anything else they simply won’t understand why you do it as they have been fed anti-catholicim all their lives one simple conversation is not going to change their minds. You singed on to the school as non-catholic christian and they expected you to be on board the whole time so in thier point of view it is you who broke the promise. Of course your doing what your heart, mind and soul told you to do and I commend you but don’t expect any packs on the back.


Welcome home to Holy Mother Church. :wave: Checked your profile and can guess that you are in college. So tough it out, pray for them, and remember that God gave us ten fingers and that is enough for a Rosary or Divine Mercy while in their chapel.


I know it’s hard Brother, but it’s only 3 more weeks and you’ve made it this far.

Suggestion: Earplugs in chapel. The smallest and most inconspicuous ones you can find.

I wouldn’t mess with them until 1) you really feel led of the Holy Spirit to do so, and 2) you are no longer in a position to jeopardize your graduation, though actually you might have a viable legal case against them if they messed with your grades because of your religion, private school or not. It’s probably not worth that hassle.

Once you are clear of it all then I’d bid a fond farewell and become their worst nightmare. A very devout Catholic who is into sharing his faith.

One thing about it…you’ve certainly seen how a propaganda machine works now haven’t you?

Know that you are in my prayers from now on.
Pax tecum,



Hang on for three weeks, buddy.

Think of it this way - you’ll make an awesome witness to fundamentalists after you graduate, you’ll know how they think!


OP, just forgive them, for they know not what they do or say…



Right after graduation, the alumni office will start bombarding you with junk mail asking for donations (this’ll continue forever, BTW). Every single time the school writes to you requesting a donation, write a letter back saying:

“I have just donated $25 in the school’s honor to Catholic Charities USA.”


Oh, and be sure to mail it back in their pre-paid envelope.


be assured of my prayers for you

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Teacher of unlimited self-giving. Do you remember? It was in praise of her that Jesus Christ said: "Whoever fulfills the Will of my Father, he–she–is my mother!.. Ask of this good Mother that her answer, with the generosity it shows, may grow stronger in your soul–with the strength of love and liberation. Ecce ancilla Domini–behold the handmaid of the Lord. St. Josemaria Escriva’

Another man of faith wrote to me: “When you have to be on your own, you can notice clearly the help of your brothers. Now, when it comes to my mind that I have to put up with everything ‘all alone’, I often think that, if it weren’t for that ‘company we keep from afar’–the holy Communion of Saints–I would not be able to preserve this optimism which fills my heart.” St. Josemaria Escriva’

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us rid ourselves of every burden and sin that clings to us, and persevere in running the race that lies before us, while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith. (Hebrews 12: 1-2)

God bless you, and congratulations on your achievements, Spiritually and academically!


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