Catholic in a Protestant church


Would it be wrong for a catholic to worship in a Protestant church if there was no Catholic church within easy travelling distance ?


Define “easy” traveling distance.


This is something that should be discussed with the Catholic priest assigned to that area.

While occasional participation in Protestant and ecumenical services are OK, regular attendance is problematic.


There is no substiute for the Catholic Mass:)


If its really impossible for you to get to a Catholic church it would be much better if you watch the Mass on EWTN. At least you will have a spiritual Communion. It is not right for a Catholic to regularly attend a protestant church and it does not fulfill any obligations.


No they can’t instead of going to Mass. I think they can go but not in place of Mass.


With frequent attendance at Protestant services one runs the risk of developing an indifferentist attitude to faiths.

Especially with the more ‘High Church’ Anglican/Episcopalian or Lutheran services which more resemble our Mass.

Certainly inadvisable to attend more frequently than you do the Mass - or at least, as has been said, watch on TV or listen on the radio.

Although if you DO attend you can just as easily make a Spiritual Communion at the Protestant service and offer it for their conversion :wink:


Yes I agree! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to imply that one make a habit out of going to Protestant services. :slight_smile:


I would consider an hour drive both ways to be reasonable so I’m probably not the guy to ask. My parish is only like 10 minutes at most and there are 5 Catholic Churches within about 20-25 minutes of me.:shrug:

If I can’t get to Mass, I will not attend a non-Catholic service, even though there are about 4 within 5 minutes, and 2 of them are walking distance.


If they can both get to heaven what difference does it make? By the way, if we both get there you will find out I am right.


I just had another thought. Do you know the greatest desire a human being has? The answer is that he always wants to be right. And when you really think about it isn’t that right? I’m RIGHT,RIGHT?


No. A Catholic cannot worship in a Protestant Church. If he does, he will in a long run, leave the Catholic faith all together for a Protestant one.

I would recommend going to Mass Time. All you need is a zip code. It’s also worldwide.


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