Catholic in Cheyenne WY?


My husband and I are very conservative and traditional Catholics. We do not like hippy-dippy, “modern” Catholic Churches.

We are considering a move to Cheyenne, Wy and are wondering if any of you are from there or that area, what are the Catholic Churches like in the area? Are there any Catholic Schools? Any Catholic High Schools in the area?


There is a beautifully remodeled Catholic Church in Sidney, NE. That is just across the boarder. This Church was in terrible shape before the remodel and everyone was worried that this church would be remodeled in such a way that it would take away all that is Catholic. A very special priest took care of all the details of this project. My parents are members of this Church. My father does hours of adoration and during one of his adoration hours, he noticed a stanger sitting in the church. My father asked if he could be of any assistance. This Man was just quietly taking in the beauty of the church. As it turned out, it was the Bishop of Cheyenne.

The special priest who did all the work in the church is tranfered. The new preist of this church believes there is nothing wrong with the new age. He admires the pureness of the Native American spirituality. He has declared that my parents are not “IN THE SPIRIT OF VATICAN II.”

My parents are looking to move to the Cheyenne diocese or the Lincoln, NE diocese.

Check out the Cheyenne diocese web page. The Bishop is awesome!


There is a new monastery of traditional Carmelite monks somewhere in Wyoming. I’d try to go to Mass there at their monastery if they have public Masses.


Yikes, that is exactly the thing I am afraid of in WY. Native American spirituality?? That’s essentially pagan,isn’t it?? :eek:

We go to traditional Latin Mass every week and we do not like the liberty many priests have taken with their interpretations of Vatican II. Here in Texas we have run into this problem many times. I can’t stand the hippy-dippy stuff and the bare alters, churches with no tabernacle, a crucifix that is barely visible, stadium-like seating…I will check out the Cheyenne diocese website.

Thank you for your input. If anyone has any other input about the Cheyenne diocese, please share. The Church is the most important reason for us to either move or not move —we can not live where we can not be Catholic. :slight_smile:


Sidney is in the Grand Island Diocese. Cheyenne diocese is good. My only concern is that there are always some Priests left over from the previous Bishop.


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