Catholic in prayer and name

[size=]5"]][size=][size=]One of the concerns I have is that our General Intentions/Prayer of the Faithful are so abstract or not catholic in the sense they are not inclusive. Example; since Gulf War 11, we pray for our troops to come home. What about the dead and severely wounded in mind and body, the widows,orphans and parents . ALSO what about the dead and wounded and the refugees and oppressed overseas where the Allies often cause such destruction. THERE are ongoing natural disasters and man-made disaters which could be covered by a general intention:
; For all the victims of war on all sides; for those working for peace and re-building; for all victims of natural disasters and the relief efforts jhere and overseas.
====That is catholic and worthy of JESUS’ BODY on Earth[/size][/size][/size]

Our priest always gives the laity the opportunity to add their own intentions after the general intentions are read. Weekly the laity offers up prayers for exactly what you mentioned plus some others that are greatly needed. This is a good practice as the prayers of the faithful are supposed to be read by a member of the laity and not the priest. If your priest does not give you the opportunity, ask him after Mass and see if it is something that he will consider doing. You may also be able to submit in writing some intentions that they will add. Our parish is a small parish which makes it much easier to do things like this this too. The worst case scenario is that he will say no and you will have to pray them yourself. Best case is he will say “Great idea”.

Dear Lord,

Please bless everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know.


Lord, hear our prayer.

For all the intentions we hold in our hearts.

We pray to the Lord!

Lord hear our prayer!

Praying daily for all those who need God’s love and mercy.

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