Catholic influencers on Social Media

Some of my favorite Catholic influencers, like Bishop Barron, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Matt Fradd, and Lila Rose use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So tell me, who are your favorite Catholic influencers on social media?

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Monsignor Charles Pope


Lila Rose is Catholic? Cool.

I like Fr. James Martin, (insert confession bear meme here). I’m also enjoying a blogger who goes by The Catholic Gentleman.

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Bishop Barron and Scott Hahn on Twitter.

Father Martin is too squishy for me.

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Fr. Heilman for prayers.

The Catholic Traveler for travel stuff and cool photos/ videos of Rome. I’ve gotten some amazing travel tips from his posts.

I pay a little bit of attention to Fr. Martin, Fr. Z, and Fr. Ripperger just because one never knows what’s going to come out of their mouths next and it’s often interesting, but I don’t hang on their every word.

Sometimes Fr. Mike is okay if he’s not talking about mixed marriage.

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The only one you (OP) mentioned that I would recommend to anyone, or listen to myself, is Bishop Barron. IMO, the others are too niche oriented. And some, a lot actually, on the internet, are over the top polemic. Which makes me think that they are writing for vain reasons.

Do you have any other Catholic influencers that you would like to share?

I would recommend Abp. Fulton Sheen to anyone, especially his later stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. There’s plenty of it on YouTube.


Fulton Sheen is great. I guess I didn’t think of him as a “Social Media Influencer” since he is not actively releasing new stuff and doesn’t have his own Facebook, Twitter, etc. although he does have pages on Facebook maintained by his fans.

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Tommy Tighe and any of the Daughters of St. Paul are people I always recommend!

Words cannot express how blessed I am to know these sisters, to know Blessed James Alberione, and to be able to sit back and see how even this brief segment on television will bring the joy of Christ into the world in a truly powerful way

— Tommy Tighe (@theghissilent) December 16, 2019
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Father Mike Schmidt, Father Richard Heilman, Father John Hollowell, Bishop Strickland, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Eric Sammons, Timothy Gordon, A Catholic Wife, Padre Peregrino podcasts, Father Mark Goring… just to name a few.

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