Catholic invited to a gay marriage

What is the official Church teaching on a gay person inviting a Catholic to his/her gay marriage?
Can the Catholic attend or is he/she bound by moral Church law to decline the invitation?

No a Catholic cannot attend a gay “marriage”, which is no marriage at all.

May a Catholic endorse grave sin? I think you already know the answer to that.

Catholic politely declines invitation. No need to give a reason.

As stated, the answer is 100% no. We cannot lend any validity to an immoral and gravely sinful action. A Catholic’s presence at such a ceremony suggests that they approve of the proceedings, which is definitely not the case… or should definitely be the case.

For a Catholic to attend a gay “wedding” would be entirely inappropriate. It would be like celebrating someone going to hell, and thus an offense against charity.

No, they can’t go.

Truth with charity. (and no --one ought not be attending such an attempted marriage…such would be approving such etc )

And here is the Catechism:

1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:

  • by participating directly and voluntarily in them;

  • by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;

  • by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;

  • by protecting evil-doers.

Sad but true.

Definitely not.

Let’s alter the question just a little. Can a catholic attend a wedding of a friend and their farm animal?

You may think this is an odd alteration. Just wait about a decade.

True that.

OK seriously… the answers on this thread are completely appalling. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? Let no one but God judge? Love the sinner not the sin?

I’m sorry but [edited] these are HUMAN BEINGS just like YOU AND ME. They have feelings, dreams, emotions, aspirations, but all you seem to be concerned with is their sexual preference, like that is absolutely the only thing that defines them. Do you think maybe for once you can try and put yourself in their shoes? Can you imagine someone telling you that you are an abomination because you are in a consensual and loving relationship with someone? Can you imagine not being able to be joined with someone you love or having the same rights and benefits that other couples have? Last time I checked, Jesus didn’t teach people to be judgmental towards others. Didn’t he hang out with the tax collectors and prostitutes? Matthew 9:10-13 specially verse 13 gives the answer that sinners was just as important as the rightous and each of them had a calling on their life than what they were doing.

All I have to say is cast the first stone.

Yes I can imagine all that. I wear those shoes every day, I choose to be chaste out of love for God. Yes, Jesus was friends with tax collectors and prostitutes, but he certainly didn’t accompany them and encourage them to continue their lifestyles. Those sinners also repented, God would have loved them anyway, but the choice is yours. Everyone has a cross to carry, if not homosexuality it will be something else. We shouldn’t get special treatment just because our carnal desires don’t physically harm someone else. It’s everyone’s personal choice to live by the laws of the Lord or not, but don’t expect the people of God to approve of immorality.

Uncalled for.

I guess it would also be wrong to go to a wedding of someone who had previously been divorced?

Love is a choice.
If it were not, we would all love God with no reservation.

I am wondering about marriage questions as well.
If a person doesn’t attend the wedding (which I know they can’t), what about other things which would show a “condoning” spirit to said couple? (Inviting them to dinner, etc…)
What about those married, divorced, then remarrying, but they aren’t Catholic?
What about those who are “shacking up”?
Where do we find balance between interacting with the world, but not condoning the sins?

This OP asks a question regarding teaching and while it may bother some people, if it is answered according to our teachings, then the answer is no we can not attend a gay marriage ceremony. It is not possible to condone the actions of two people in a same sex relationship, this is not negotiable for a Catholic who follows Church law. It is not judgmental behavior on our part but rather obedience to the rules.

Can a Catholic attend a non-Christian wedding of a heterosexual couple both of whom was divorced and their ex-spouses still living?


In what some call a denial of a basic civil right, a Missouri man has been told he may not marry his long-term companion. Although his situation is unique, the logic of his argument is remarkably similar to that employed by advocates of homosexual marriage.

The man claims that the essential elements of marriage–love and commitment–are indeed present:“She’s gorgeous. She’s sweet. She’s loving. I’m very proud of her. … Deep down, way down, I’d love to have children with her.”

Why is the state of Missouri, as well as the federal government, displaying such heartlessness in denying the holy bonds of wedlock to this man and his would-be “wife”?

It seems the state of Missouri is not prepared to indulge a man who waxes eloquent about his love for a 22-year-old mare named Pixel.

Who are we to say they are going to hell?

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