Catholic is pagan religion?


I thought this was interesting so i decided to post it here. i dont know if this is the right place to post it.

To be honest, catholicsm is not a christian religion, historically, it originates from a pagan religion where romans worshiped the sun as one of their gods.

during that period, a new form of religion emerged, christianity and they started growing, out numbering the other religions. the Romans then started persecuting the christians, however, the more they killed they gre even more, so the only way they could win was to join. but still held onto their pagan worship ritual and idols, the halo around their mother of christ and every saints is the depiction of their pagan identity, the sun god.

they have even changed the ten commandments, removed the first commanment, “thou shall not make unto the any graven imgages of anything either that is in heaven or on earth or beneath the sea” and split the commandment “thou shall not covert thy neighbours wife or anything that is thy neighbours”. in defiance of the 1st commanment, they make idols of marry and every saints under the sun and continue to break the 2nd commandment by praying to marry. one of the traits of paganism.

no sinner can make another sinner a saint, only GOD can, when you become a christian and accept christ and every thing he commands in the Holy Bible, you become a saint ready for christ return to enter heaven, you don’t have to wait for the pope to cannonise you etc.


Okay, I’ve taken my deep breath, I’ve counted to 10 and I will now attempt to be charitable.

Sir, with all do respect, you are either a liar or the most ignorant man I have heard when it comes to Catholicism. Your profile says that you are Catholic, and for some reason I find this hard to believe. I would HIGHLY suggest that you do a little more studying on the History of the Church you claim to be apart of. Stay away from the bias anti-Catholic garbage and read real histories, the Early Church Fathers are a very good source of information.


sorry, i meant to quote this part of the the post

“To be honest…canonise you etc”


:rotfl: :rotfl: Thank you for clarifying. You scared me there for a moment. Well, I suppose that you can guess how I feel about your quote. Please forgive my assumption that this was your views.


The history of Christianity and Catholicism is clear and has been researched by many since the beginning. As far as The Mother of Christ, we do not pray to her as a form of worship. We pray to her in honor as the Mother of Jesus. Did you ever hear of a mother being honored for the sacrifice of her son’s life as a soldier, police officer, doctor missionary, fireman or anything else? For her intercession with her Son we pray, Jesus that she may pray for us.
Ah, Idols, we do not worship idols. Perhaps you or someone in your family may have a photo or a sketch or a painting or whatever of a loved one, alive or deceased but lets say deceased. Have you ever known a person to reflect on the missed loved one through that image? If a mother or loved one kisses a photo of one who passed on would you say that the photo is loved and replaces the person in it? Of course not. Statues are not there as idols of worship at all. Only as an image to raise thought of that “loved one”.

If you want to learn the “Truth” and you are very welcome to do so, you might want to go back to the Latin Vulgate and begin there.


If you had to post these tired old accusations, it should have been in Apologetics, not Sacred Scripture.

If you had taken the time to read a little before posting, you would have found that this same garbage has been posted here and refuted many, many times.

Also, if you’re going to post that stuff here, please include a link to your source.


Dude, you need to do some serious homework.

As it will take you a few years of reading, study and prayer, I will not expect to hear back from you.

Seriously, what kind of person comes on a Catholic web site, posts the most basic misinformation as fact and expects what?

You may have a serious thinking disorder on top of being uneducated, misinformed and an apparent bigot.

YOU have been seriously deceived, by whomever taught you the drivel that you vomited on us all here.

May God open your eyes and mind to the Truth,



interesting in the way science fiction and fantasy are interesting to some people, but most people do not confuse them with reality

your theology is wrong, your history is wrong, your conclusions are wrong

it is a generally accepted rule in civil discussions, and a rule of this forum that when one is making accusations against any person or group, especially a religious group, that a solid authorititative source be cited, with link, citation and quote.

if you cannot even engage in the minimum rules of civil discussion, you will not get very much out of your experience here.

so do please check out the forum rules, esp. the one on choosing the correct forum



Christianity originated from Pagan worship rituals. Gasp! :eek:


The only reason I’m responding to this is that I find myself with time to waste this morning.

The OP has either one or more of three afflictions:

  1. An overactive imagination.

  2. A malevolent streak.

  3. A total disregard for history and an extreme lack of knowledge.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


The way I read this was that the OP had inserted a quote from somewhere else and forgot to put it in quotes. I didn’t take it that the OP was saying, but was wanting help to understand it. Maybe I am wrong?


I will pray for you since you are so misinformed that your ignorance of Catholicism is actually quite embarrasing.(and should be since you identify yourself as Catholic)

Everything can associate itself with something pagan. That does not mean that it originated from paganism. Even the Cross that our Savior died on can be associated with pagan thought but surely you don’t think that Christ was a pagan now, do you??


I’m not sure of the OP; I think he is playing “devil’s advocate.” In any case, as the world became converted from paganism to Christianity, the Church recognized all people have inherent dignity and are created in the image and likeness of God. Consequently, there are good and true things to be found in all cultures, including pagan ones. As a culture transitions from pagan beliefs to Christian beliefs, those things that are good and true are embraced by the Church and built upon. An example of this can be seen in Rome where the ancient pagan temples have been converted into Catholic churches. Another example can be seen in Acts 17 when Paul discovered the altar inscribed “To an Unknown God” and used this as a tool for preaching the Gospel.

There are many articles in the CA library dealing with Catholicism and paganism. These are a few of them:

Is Catholicism Pagan:

Did the Catholic Church Have Its Origin in Paganism?

A Protestant pastor tells This Rock how he got involved in the issue and how his understanding of the issue has changed.


Prove that to me from the Bible? Where are the commandments numbered?


What’s the source? Tony Alamo or Jack Chick? This sort of junk is usually put forth by someone who does not believe in baptism, or some such nonsense. If you know the source, you might ask how many martyrs their “church” has.

Christ’s peace.


Well, let’s examine one issue at a time. I know that it is tired old garbage, but for the OP it may be something he or she is trying to find answers to.

Catholics did not alter the ten commandments. First of all, we have the Bible which shows us all of the commandments in detail and we did not alter the Bible. If the OP is talking about the 10 commandments as abbreviated for use in catechisis, I would simply answer that we condensed them differently. When God said thou shalt not have any other gods before you, thou shalt not make graven images and bow down before them, the Church simply condensed that down to “thou shalt not have any other gods before you”. Why? Well, because that was God’s point. He doesn’t want us worshipping other gods. Period. God does not have a problem with graven images so long as they are not used for worship. Otherwise, He would not have specifically commanded the Isrealites to make GRAVEN IMAGES in the holiest place on earth. That’s right, God specifically commanded graven images to be made on the Ark of the Covenant and in the Temple. So, it is clear that statues aren’t a problem for God. Interestingly, one graven image that He commanded to be made, the bronze serpent, healed people from snake bites in the desert. But, it eventually had to be destroyed. Why on earth would any one destroy an image God had commanded to be made? Because the people had started to WORSHIP it. The earliest Christians understood all of this as carved images are found in the 2nd century. It is only have Christianity was hijacked and rewritten that we find this gross misunderstanding of graven images. Catholics sometimes ask why non-Catholics simply put “thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods” and forgot to mention “thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife”. Coveting “goods” is specific to greed and envy. Coveting a neighbor’s wife is a wholly different sin…lust. Guess they don’t care about that…

God or His goodness and mercy are repeatedly described in scripture has providing or being “light”. “Dark” or “darkness” means evil. Halos are a representation of the light of divine grace. Sure, pagans used halos in art before Christians. SO WHAT? For them it meant power or divinity from “gods”, for Christians it means grace from God. Many things in Christianity were used by pagans. This makes sense since Paul’s audience was pagan. They simply changed the meaning or “baptized” these things in the light of Christ. It doesn’t mean that we think Christ is the sun god Ra or something ridiculous like that. By the way some of the “holier than thou” folks who write the garbage about pagan Christianity wear wedding bands. They don’t realize they were pagan in origin. :rolleyes:


This is right out of the Catholic haters playbook, probably the 7th day adventist propaganda. Pagan worship, halos, false idols …phew!

The devil’s ramblings!

Anyone who has read the basic teachings of Jesus, as preached consistently for 2000 years by His Church, could do nothing but laugh at these false and ridiculous claims.

If you are a serious Catholic, I recommend that each day you pray to Jesus for His grace, read Holy Scripture, and read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Truth is eternal.

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” (Mt 16:18).


Jimly, sorry for all the flak. I didn’t take your post the way most others did. Let’s say I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. First, I noticed that you are new here and I must say you are very welcomed to stay. Most of the Catholics here, including myself have seen this nonsense about the Catholic Church being based on paganism we are just fed up to here with it. Next time you want to post something like that tell us why you are posting it (I saw this and would like to know how to respond to it) or something like that. Also let us know where you got your information from as that would be very helpful. Meanwhile, it’s ok to come out of the corner now and we hope we will be seeing more of ya. God bless


Most anti-Catholic pseudohistory is similar to most anti-Christian pseudohistory. It starts with asuming Christianity appeared (or that the Catholic Church appeared) out of nowhere/ a secret conference/ a secret of some other kind in the First/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Century AD, in a milieu of pagans and Jews mingling their ideas freely and making no distinctions. It goes on to assume any two stories/beliefs/symbols/customs with any similar points at all must be the exact same thing. It cleans up some of its inherent contradictions by ignoring the existence of Judaism and of the rigorous scribal tradition and the Greco-Roman cultural emphasis on historic recording and the Jewish tradition of cultivating a now-inconceivable long-term memory.
By going through such twists and turns the theory cuts the real and obvious origin of Christian theology – Millennia of Jewish prophecy, proven reliable over the course of Israel’s development as a nation, followed by the life of a very noticable public figure, who claimed to be the Messiah and fulfilled prophecy thereby giving strong evidence. The theory also dodges the obvious reason for the existence of the Church – Jesus founded it and it survived despite constant violent opposition over millennia more because God is protecting it, because it has the fullness of truth.
The fact that more than one religion uses nature symbols, and symbols that are geometric figures, and has a story in which unusual things ahppen to people, has no bearing on anything. It would be the same as saying you don’t really exist, because your name means the same thing your great-grandfather’s name means and he left home at the same age you did and his favorite color was also yours. In other words, comparing any two people, places or things there will be some coincidences. Especially if the person arguing that they are the same gets to alter both to make them match much more than they do.


Being touchy about people’s misunderstandings does nothing to explain them, or to show they are unfounded :frowning: - why are RCs so extremely sensitive ?

About that last one: God,alone, makes Saints. The CC does not say it does. Canonisation is the recognition of a Divine fact - **not **the granting of an award by the CC


There’s plenty of excellent refutation of this stuff.

Starting right here at CA.

Is Catholicism Pagan?

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