Catholic Jewlery?


Hi everybody,

Well, I wanted to start a topic about Catholic jewlery. It’s gotten to a point where everything I wear (except my watch) has religious meaning:

chain with St. Benedict, Divine Mercy, and Joan of Arc medals

rope cord with a cross

St. Therese sacrafice beads

saint bracelet

sometimes a rosary ring

I used to have a scapular, but it was a cheap one made of thread that busted. It was a third class relic too, it was touched to the bones of St. Faustina. I’m looking to get it fixed.

What do you all wear? I’m intrested.




I wear a crucifix and a Miraculous Medal, and a rosary ring. I want to get a scapular as well. I carry around Catholic things in my bag… usually a Rosary, a little prayer book, etc.


I wear a crucifix.



what is a rosary ring. Where would you get one.


I have a ring that has a cross on it and a St. Michael’s medal on a chain that my father brought back from Iraq.


Hi KJ David :wave: – A rosary ring is a ring you can wear with ten nobs on it so you can pray the rosary if you want to.

I have many rosaries of various types, both standard 5 decade rosaries and Franciscan Crowns. I’ve also been wearing a cross ring for quite some time now. More recently, I purchased a Nativity Cross which I’ve wanted for a very long time. I have other things too, but I’ll have to get back to everyone so I can get it all right.


It’s a ring with 10 notches on it and a cross. I like it because I can pray it discreetly whenever I want. I think you can find them at any Catholic store. The one I bought was less than a dollar, and it’s pretty good. (didn’t turn my finger green)



I’ve been wearing a St. Christopher’s medal ever since my mother gave me one about a thousand years ago; the original was cheap (she didn’t think I’d actually wear it) and it literally corroded off my body and I lost it; I’ve had a couple of silver and 14kt ones since then that I wear.

Just this week I started carrying a miraculous medal in my pocket; it’s already brought me some good results!

Does a wedding ring count as religious jewelry, since it’s an indication of the Sacrament of Marriage?


Hi Sr. Lucado: I would certainly say a wedding ring is religous jewlery since it’s been blessed and especially if it has some sort of religious symbol on it.



Yes I would say. Religious sisters get a ring when taking their vows because they are “married to Christ.” so deffinately a wedding ring is considered.



I wear a scapular medal, sacred heart medal, and miraculous medal on one chain. I also wear a brown scapular. My mother gave me the sacred heart medal and brown scapular years ago and I just started wearing the scapular medal and miraculous medal.



I have two “Brazilian wooden bead bracelets”.

The first is Our Lady of Guadelupe. (Significant because my husband proposed to me at a shrine of OLG.)

The second is Our Lady of Czestohowa. (Significant because I have an interest in Polish Catholicism.)

(I have had the bracelet with pictures of various saints, but I did not feel comfortable wearing it. I didn’t know every saint and did not feel a devotion to all of them. )

I have a silver Saint Gianna medal, but I misplaced the chain.

I would like to get a sterling silver ring of Our Lady of Fatima or another Marian devotion.

I also wear my wedding ring. My “secular” piece of jewelry is a sterling silver sorority ring.


Speaking of Brazilian wood bead bracelets, does anyone have or know of a store that carries an Our LAdy of Fatima bracelet?


A quick Google search turned up a couple of items…
(bracelet and rosary)
(Matched in terms of text, but I didn’t see a specific item)

Hopefully, that’ll get you started!


I have one too and I don’t know who they are either. Some girls I know wear them just becuause they are cool. I wear it because I know these saints did something really holy to be pictured on a bracelet, and I should try to be that way.



Hi Jeanne :wave: I have a beautiful silver “combination” medal (Sacred Heart-Immaculate Heart) which belonged to my late father. I treasure it, and although it is a mans medal, I do occasionally wear it.

I also still have a tiny, blue enamel Miraculous Medal… which my mother got for me… when I was a baby (so, it’s reeeeeeeally old now :rolleyes:). I took it off the bracelet (infant sized… which no longer fits) and put it on a short silver chain, that I can wear around my neck. I wore it today… in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

And my other two favorites are my “everyday” Crucifix (Papal)… a gift from my sister; and a lovely St. Therese pendant.

I don’t care much for rings and bracelets… so, rarely wear them. God bless!

(p.s. And I’m never without my Brown Scapular. I even carry a “spare” in my wallet. I don’t consider it jewelry… but a part of me. I feel absolutely naked without it :o ).


I wear a chain that has:
a saint Monica medal
St. Faustina
St. Therese the Little flower
St. Dymphna
ST Bernadette
St. Michael
Our Lady of knots
four way cross
I know I jingle alot.
And of course my wedding ring.

Hi MVeronica:dancing:


Haha:D - I feel like a walking Catholic billboard myself sometimes.:stuck_out_tongue: I really do it to comfort myself and to always have holy reminders. It really helps me to be a better person and to pray more!

Right now I am wearing my wedding band, wool scapular (that I sewed a MM and crucifix into), one of those wooden bead saint bracelets and a rubber Divine Mercy bracelet(both hidden under the cuff of my shirt), rosary ring, and the MM my DH bought for me for Christmas a couple of years ago with a tiny St. Benedict attached to it.

I always wear (even sleeping) the scapular, wedding band, and rosary ring but the other items get switched around a lot. Most often my necklace because I have Divine Mercy and Guadalupe medals I like to wear as well. I could put them all on one chain, but I dislike all the clinking.

Whatever necklace devotion I am wearing at the time gets slept in as well.


That’s nothing. A friend of mine has one where the entire chain is full of medals, and I know someone who took a wall crucifix, put it around a rope and wears it.



I found a website with Our Lady of Fatima wooden bracelets (as well as Mount Carmel, Saint Therese, Altgracia, Perpetual Help, Saint Barabara… the list goes on!!!) Very affordable with a few payment options.

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