Catholic/KofC fantasy football

Hello all,
Hopefully I am placing this post in the right area. if not, please accept my apologies in advance. The watercooler seemed like the most appropriate place for this.

I have started a fantasy football league using Yahoo! Fantasy Football.
Right now the league has about 6 teams, all friends from either the local KofC or my church (st. Rose of Lima - Murfreesboro, TN).

We are trying to fill the last 4-6 slots in what will be a 10-12 team league.
As with most things in life, I would prefer to participate with other Catholic men and women.
If the league doesn’t fill up by the draft date, we can always find the last few players on yahoo, but I would love to have an all Catholic/KofC league.

The draft is set for late August.
The league is completely free to join and there will be no prizes/gambling. It is strictly for fun.
If you can’t be available for the on-line draft, Yahoo will allow you to pre-rank your players and will draft for you in the order that you have them ranked.

Anyone interested, please send me your yahoo e-mail address, and I will send an invite from the commissioner control panel.

Thank you, God Bless and Vivat’ Jesus!

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