Catholic lawmakers ‘have no basis’ to deny same-sex civil unions after Pope’s historic intervention, says Philippine president

“But with no less than the Pope supporting it, I think even the most conservative of all Catholics in Congress should no longer have a basis for objecting.”

P.S. I just posted this article to show the wider effects of the Pope’s words.

BuT hE NeVeR sAiD tHaT
It WaS eDiTeD


We already knew how those people operate but it seems that some people never learn. It isn’t something new. It would be odd if secular or lgbt media would always post truthful articles about Catholics and Church.

Your words somehow suggest it is all Pope’s fault… “Look what he did with his words” lol.
Well, he sometimes answers things in unusual way and he maybe isn’t perfect in communicating BUT you could notice that not all people believed what newspapers say (day after “news” we had Apostolic nuncio explaining it was cut from old interview (which means #thingspopenevereversaidoutofcertaincontext), and that should be enough for anyone to conclude what is going on) and lgbtq stream is often happy to put things out of context. Actually I often see them enjoying putting it that way (at least in my country).
I just cannot decide do they really do it intentionally (it seems so) or they didn’t know it was fake news (which shows that they don’t search for truth and their “journalism” is sister of tabloid).

Lol except he did do it. And he is to blame. And though the entire context of some of the words may have been edited, that doesn’t change that he said we need civil unions. So, your point is moot.


Yes, normally that’s how it works. We say something, and people use what we say because we said it. They didn’t say it for us.

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Thanks Pope Francis :roll_eyes:

Yet another terrible consequence from your actions. Why do you not care how this affects your people Pope Francis? Why do you not clarify your words? Instead you leave us in the wake of confusion and leaving societies worse off than you found them. Lord Jesus, please help guide your Church! Please guide Pope Francis to make a positive impact on the Earth and to care about your people!


What a terrible way to refer to the Pontiff! Of course, the Pope is doing exactly what you claim he is not - he is caring for people and working to improve things.

This whole forum is in danger of slipping into the morass of holier than thou, more Catholic than the Pope nastiness that has infected some “Catholic” sites.

By confirming them in their sin? Nooooo thanks.


If you want to believe it in your way then believe it, you aren’t only person who believes that. :woman_shrugging:

I am just thinking why some didn’t took it same way? Is there something wrong with them?

Stockholm syndrome or a desire to keep the bubble intact.

Look, we don’t want that to be what the pope said, but he said it. If he doesn’t want it to be that way he needs to rebuke the ones saying it.

I don’t even care if he clarifies his words right now, I just want him to tell them to stop using his words as an excuse. Just come out and said, “this is what I said, that does not mean you can use it this way.”

The fact that it will and is being used against us should drive him to do this.

Silence is consent when you publically use their words.


Are people not aware that the Vatican issued official clarification on the civil unions comment yesterday?

Edit: it wasn’t yesterday, but a few days ago.


And you expect that someone will respect that? Really? Please, don’t make me laugh.

Pope doesn’t have time to edit all people who misuse his words but I am sure he prays for all those who do it and who don’t like him.

Probably are but cannot accept it. It doesn’t go with their vision of “Francis - fake pope”.

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Well that is exactly the issue.

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He doesn’t have time to say, “Civil Unions are a sin”?

That’s all he has to say.

How incredibly uncharitable. Not a single person here has said he is a fake pope.

It probably won’t stop until Judgment Day. Only name of pope will be changed from time to time. Nothing new.

You didn’t read Cathecism of Catholic Church?
Why would he say that he didn’t say something that he didn’t say?

I write in general about certain group of people which behaves in certain way.


I will wait for the official English version but I am glad he released something, and I take back some of my harsher criticisms. The first statement about how people with same-sex attraction should not be cast out of a family I agree wholeheartedly and I think he was on point with that message. I still disagree with his support of cohabitation laws, I think that is legislating immorality which ultimately works against the interests of the Church is not good. I also think as Pope, he should not answer such questions about laws and instead affirm Catholic teaching.


That isn’t a clarification.

No one here believes that Pope Francis is saying marriage will change.

What we are saying is that the Church has already said that Homosexual Civil Unions are evil and immoral and cannot he supported.

Why do you guys keep deflecting back to marriage?


I will take the Pope’s side on this over anonymous internet denizens, thanks.

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