Catholic League anounces boycott of "Golden Compass"

On the 10th of October the Catholic League announced a boycott of the film “The Golden Compass”. Details can be found on their website

I would also appreciate help with maintaining the Wikipedia page dedicated to the film. Atheist fans have control of the page and insist on deleting most of the information regarding the reasoning behind the boycott. Those who agree with the League must make their views known to prevent anti-Catholics from promoting the film and book series without acknowledging the clear anti-Catholic themes in the books. Certainly we should not hijack the page ourselves, but insuring an accurate portrayal of the film and its author is important so that parents researching the film can be forwarned.



This movie, and the book series from which it originates, is among the most insidious and dangerous anti-Catholic anti-Christian writing. That it is aimed at children makes it all the more dangerous.

No self-respecting Catholic parent should allow their child to come within ten miles of this movie.

I had never heard of this movie. Thank you for the heads up.

And yet the critics have lambasted the film because it is not anti-Catholic enough.

Critics Slam ‘Golden Compass’ Movie for ‘Castrating’ Anti-Church Themes

And here I was understood that Nicole Kidman was returning to the Church after leaving the darkness of Scientology. Guess the writers of the articles claiming that she was were mistaken.

Who knew that Atheists and Catholics could unite and actually end up boycotting the same movie?

Thanks for saving me movie money. God knows I’m at the theaters almost every week scouting for movies to watch. This movie is off my list then.

If you check out Amazon’s reviews you’ll find that the last book in this series is the worst offender. Apparently the author went all out in the last book. I have already decided “not in my house”.

Books and movies always diverge. Movie looks like a great fantasy and lets face it, theres a part of the CC, SSPX that would just love to control people…I read the crazy Priest letters written during Vatican II

Again, thanks for the heads up!

Yes, I read all three of the books. They are shockingly disgusting. IEven if the movie is ‘watered down’ it still will send kids to the books. It’s a hook and parents must not allow their children to take the bait.

I have to say that I am always disturbed when I read about boycotts on books and the movies made that are based on books. As a teacher, I think that banning books is patently wrong. As a Catholic, I have always been proud of my upbringing and my faith, specifically that the main message I received growing up is that it is not my place to judge others. My parents and grandparents were Catholic and also teachers. They taught me that if my faith is strong and if they (my family) and my priests have done their job, then nothing that anyone writes or says about Catholics or our beliefs should in any way change what I believe. I have read these books, and while I admit it has been several years, I was not overwhelmed by an anti-catholic message. My mom and I read these books together. We certainly discussed the anti-organized religion themes, and that is one great thing about books like this. Parents should ALWAYS read the books their children are reading, and what better way to strengthen a child’s faith then to talk about a book or a movie and how it reflects or attacks their personal faith. The strongest memories I have of Philip Pullman’s series, and he is an exceptional writer, is how he showed the beauty and sanctity of a child’s pure soul and the presence of God in every part of the universe. Perhaps it isn’t what he intended, but it’s certainly what I saw in the story. I think that instead of banning and boycotting we should embrace the opportunity for discussion and enlightenment while always keeping in mind that we are talking about a work of FICTION, and in this way teach our children to think for themselves.

I saw the books in a store today and I picked up the third one - The Amber Spyglass (something like that) and thumbed through it. At the beginning of one of the chapters, towards the end of the book, there is a quote that goes something like

“Soul, do not seek eternal life, but exhaust that which is real and possible”


Boycotting books is nothing even remotely like banning books. Nobody is suggesting that the author be legally forbidden from publishing the book. He should be allowed his right to publish it, and nobody should buy it.

I sure wouldn’t let my kids read White Supremacist propaganda under the premise that “if their faith is strong enough, they’ll be able to withstand the lies.” So why would I let them read propaganda attacking the Body of Christ?

I heard a bit about this on Relevant Radio so I went and got the first one. I’m pretty non-impressed. Supposedly this guy has billed himself as the anti-C.S. Lewis. While I think he meant something else by that statement, if he means he’s the opposite of someone who can write a compelling story - he’s correct.

I finished it last night and have 2 thoughts. 1) - While the whole daemon thing is curious - the story over all just didn’t thrill me. 2) the ‘intercission’ stuff was horrific! It reminded me of Stephen King’s stuff in the Dark Tower series. I wouldn’t let my child read that.

Interesting that there is a ‘Trelawny’ (sp?) in the book. I wonder whose came first?

I’ll probably read the other 2 just to finish the storyline. I hope they get better.

Problem is you’re contributing to their $ales count and lining their pocket$

Could you wait until they are in the local library?

Just a thought.

:rolleyes: That’s where I got the book - so, um, there is no lining of pockets or sales counts.

Meh, it looks awesome. Sure it isn’t the most religious film, but it hardly deserves a boycott from anyone.

Your profile says you are non-denominational so I understand if you don’t understand our point of view on this. Have you read the reviews on Amazon? The author is a militant athiest who trashes God and His Church in the last book. That doesn’t bother you?

If I read this at all it would be to understand his pov. I would not want my child to read books like this without a good grounding in their faith first. Since my oldest is 7, yes I most certainly will boycott this series from my home.

These movie boycotts are interesting animals. I never heard about the Compass until I saw ths thread. So, I googled the movie and watched the trailer. I loved it, and will cerainly see it when it comes out.

The same thing happened with the DaVinci Code. I didn’t know anything about it. Didn’t even know it was a book until the boycotts and protests started. So, sure, I read the book and watched the movie.

The difference is that the DaVinci Code is an adult movie/book. The Pullman books are children’s books. Would you want your child reading them? Especially if your child is only just now learning about their faith or is not well grounded? Like I said let them get a good grounding in their faith and when they are older they can read them if they want to. Eventually it will come to a point where they will be deciding for themselves anyway.

BTW, candy taste good too but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. :wink: Of course their going to make the movie look enticing, how else are they going to get you into the theater watch it?

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