Catholic League press release on KC

Well, this is just bizarre…

First, what kind of mother would allow her ten-year-old to have a Facebook page? Second, what kind of mother would invite a total stranger to dinner? Third, what kind of people would file a suit about something they have no proof ever happened? Fourth, since the girl assumedly had her clothes on at dinner, any pictures that he may have taken were not pornographic (if he did take photos, that makes him a creep, but not a criminal). Fifth, if they saw him using his cell phone under the table, why didn’t they confront him, at least for rudeness? Sixth, if they thought he was at least a weirdo, why did they bring their girl to be with him again? Seventh, the alleged “pain of mind and body” and “loss of enjoyment of life” strains credulity.

First: Irresponsible mothers. That kind of mother. Is he seriously oblivious to the fact that so many kids - 10 and under - do have Facebook pages?
Second: An irresponsible mother. Again, that’s “born yesterday” material.
Third: Someone with financial motives. Ya think?
Fourth. Has he never seen “Basic Instinct”? (I hope that’s not a spoiler)
Fifth: Because he’s a priest.
Sixth: Because he’s a priest.
Seventh: The alleged “pain of mind and body” and “loss of enjoyment” does not strain credulity - it’s very real pain for a child.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s scratching his head at this Catholic League press release. We don’t need this guy defending us.

If you are wondering why Donahue is wary of SNAP, consider this lengthy treatment that involves Ratigan and SNAP.

I don’t deny that some people are anti-Catholic, some people spin things the way they want to… ok… but the Catholic League scares the heck out of me. They just come off as SO DEFENSIVE that it sounds like pure nonsense, like they would excuse any act as long as it was a Priest.

BTW, since when is it not child porn just because it’s “only” crotch shots? What kind of absurd idea is that?

This isn’t about Ratigan & SNAP. It’s about the wording of the KC press release that the CL issued on 11/18/11 - as VeritasLuxMea correctly points out, it’s unusually defensive - so much so that I really wonder how out of touch Bill Donahue is that he doesn’t realize there are a lot of irresponsible mothers out there, that there are kids 10 and under who have Facebook pages, that there are still parents - the irresponsible ones, natch - who still trust priests, and that under-the-table crotch shots of pre-pubescent little girls are still wrong. Point for point, every question raised on that 11/18/11 press release has a sensible and rational explanation. Why on earth does the Catholic League Board of Directors - Advisory Board, whatever they’re called - put up with such nonsense? To answer another thread elsewhere on CAF, this is why so many people “hate” the Catholic church - they think Bill Donahue (who’s not even a priest) speaks for all American Catholics. Just sad.

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