Catholic League says Obama should take oath of office on Karl Marx book instead of the Holy Bible

The title of the Catholic League press release is: “Should Obama Swear on Das Kapital?”

You can read the Catholic League press release here:

The followers of Marx worked to establish Social Justice and the Universal Brotherhood of Man by use of dictatorship and state terrorism.

The followers of Jesus Christ work to establish Social Justice and the Universal Brotherhood of Man by the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, and particularly by the implementing of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

Yet, as I see it, many or most of the “conservative” activist lay Catholics in the America of today reject BOTH Marxism and Catholic Social Doctrine.

Marx and his followers were opponents of Capitalism. Marxists are mostly extinct now. Yet, for sure, there are still a few lunatics and eccentrics long to return to the days of the “glorious” Soviet Union. In one of his books, Obama notes how in college he saw and felt sorry for the pathetic people still trying to distribute the Communist party newspaper on sidewalks.

But Catholics are supposed to be opponents of what Pope Benedict XVI called “unregulated financial Capitalism” in his New Years World Peace Day Message on January 1, 2013.

Yet, as I see it, most of the “conservative” activist lay Catholics in the America of today are fiercely devoted to the political conservative cause of re-establishing in the USA the unregulated Capitalism that existed from 1776 until about 1933.

It seems to be that the 1930s of Europe is being played out in the America of today. All this fervent anti-Socialism and anti-Marxism is EXACTLY what one sees when one reads books about the history of the various right wing movements in the Weimar Republic in Germany (1919 to 1933). All this makes my heart ache. We seem poised on the edge of unthinkable tragedy once again.

I am not upset about this, not much. Just sad. It is human nature. It is the Fall. It is Original Sin. The great conflicts of the world are not generally between the Holy Ones and the Wicked Ones, but between two factions of the Fallen.

I think of the famous poem by W.B Yeats, “The Second Coming” (1919). Here are the key lines to me:

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

I wish I could enter a monastery and just pray half of the day and hoe the community garden the rest of the day, until the time for my soul to leave this corrupt world.


I can’t help but feel they do a disservice by making publicity grabbing statements like this. :frowning:

I couldn’t agree with you more.

I think it is very childish, or sour grapes at the very minimum

I agree with the Catholic League’s statement. I agree and believe that the Catholic Church has the best kind of capitalism, however, that is not the problem of the Church if some protestants see themselves as far right, hardcore, wall street capitalists. However, President Obama is a socialist, and he ought to be sworn in on the Communist Manifesto, or Das Kapital. He is just going to commit the sin of perjury by taking Our LORDS NAME in vain, whilst He helps along the killing of innocent, unborn Children, and the destruction and overturning of every Christian principle America has ever known.

OP; GREAT and fitting poem! i agree with you, too. this is the kind of crazy nonsense hate speech we need to get rid of!

I do not know if Obama is a socialist but Obama has no issue with socialists being in his admin

Rick Bookstaber who serves on Obama’s Financial Stability Oversight Council has defended class warfare by citing Karl Marx and has created a blog post defending Karl Marx

Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom has been a socialist since his teens

Anita Dunn served as White House Communications Director has admitted being an admirer of Mao Tse Tung

Former secretary of labor Hilda Solid has ties to Socialist International and the Communist Party

Carol Browner served as director of the white house has ties to the Socialist International

Why do liberals constantly accuse everyone they disagree with of hate speech.

It’s not “hate speech”, it’s stupid speech that only makes those uttering them to look wacko and in need of some serious counseling. The Catholic League, thank God, is not an official spokesgroup for the Church - if it was, we would be in serious trouble. I will take the Bishop’s words to heart and forget those of a small lay group who exists only to advertise their books and speeches!:shrug:

You realize you are on the Northern side of the border right? Your opinion won’t influence anything, but I’m sure you are aware of that. :smiley:

As American’s, we are to respect the Office of the President of The United States. Notice I said “office”.

Using anything other than a Bible to swear in the person elected to that “office” is an insult to that “office”.

For the Catholic League to make any other such statements is childish, and sour grapes.

Something tells me that if Mr. Obama was one of the founding fathers, he would
have argued against swearing on the Bible, or any other religious book.

A bishop has condemned the Catholic League?


Donahue certainly doesn’t speak for all Catholics.

There is no upside to his comments.

All Donahue is doing is showing his ignorance of Socialism and the theories of Karl Marx. Bad enough he spends most of his time preaching the theory of Catholics as victims of all those mean people who don’t agree with them, this just makes him look even sillier.

How is this hate speech? The Catholic League protects the church.

To some people, that alone makes them hateful.

I think this was kind of a tactless act from Donahue and the Catholic league. I understand he is a man who loves his catholicism, but he sounds like a little kid with this statement. While I don’t think its the worse thing to say, imagine if Obama said Catholics should read Mein Kampf at mass instead of the bible, we’d be just as hurt.

Sadly it’s polarization. Maybe instead of saying Obama should swear on the Commie Manifesto, Donahue should have said “I hope Mr. Obama will live up to the principals he swears his allegiance to” or something of that matter, not the juvenile “Obama’s a commie” bs that frankly gets old. When will people realize Democrats arent communists and Conservatives aren’t Neo Nazi’s ? Probably never:shrug:

You might be right, and you might not.

What would the chances have been back then that a black man would have been elected president, or signed the constitution?

I am old enough to remember all of the hub bub about JFK being elected, and the Pope was going to the the one running the show, etc. etc.

Like I say, we are called to respect the “office”, not necessarily the person.

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