Catholic lectures on cd--any recommendations?

Not sure where to ask this, so if this is in the wrong spot…please feel free to move, mods.

I was curious if anyone has any cd recommendations relating to Catholic lecture series? Anything from Fr Groeschel, or Fr Corapi, and any books on cd, that you’d recommend? Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Father Larry Richard’s are excellent.

I actually have a few lectures on cd, through the Mary Foundation (I should have mentioned that)…I was hoping for additional ones, too.:slight_smile:

Click the link in my signature and go to the podcasts page - there are hours and hours and hours of excellent Catholic programing - audio versions of both tv and radio shows, as well as other great reference materials.



Oh man - anything on Fr Corapi’s list is excellent. I used to listen to them in the car driving. My boys could recite them too.

thanks liz–i am looking, like jrabs indicates, for something to listen to in the car, predominantly. I am excited–I’ll check out your link later tonight!:bounce:

You can download all of them onto a cd and play them in the car very easily! Don’t forget to look at the radio show podcasts for News and Views Weekly as well. You can download the entire show or individual parts of the show, as it is produced like a “radio magazine” sorta like NPR style, where different people talk about different things, so you can pick and choose if you find someone you like and download all their stuff alone.



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