Catholic Library

Just want to let you know, you can have your own library on your computer,

Just download the resources here:

You can download the books of the saints:thumbsup:

Thank you! I had a look and and I found some of my favourite saints.

You’re welcome:)

I have another library that is very good, on the writings of Blessed Card. John Henry Newman:;
my favorite writings are the sermons:

I like Blessed Henry Cardinal Newman Works :slight_smile: They are available online and for free.
They will help your faith :thumbsup:

It is also heavily cited in the book Catholicism by george brantl, which I love. And the book I’ve put it online, you can get the book here

May the merciful Jesus bless you:)

This is another site with lots of works by saints, blesseds, popes, and others:

And who could forget that immense repository of Church Fathers which is New Advent?:

God bless!

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