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I wasn’t sure where to put this, and I think vocations is appropriate…

I’ve become a Catholic recently. I was ill, and in the heat of the situation, it was considered best that I was baptized. I’ve been working out on what to be doing. I have not finished Catechism yet, and that is probably in due order. The priest is out of town at and moment.

So, I have been converting daily. I have read a lot in the past, and been to a lot of sermons. They have covered the basics of spiritual needs (though it’s been a while and I forget a few ‘human/basic’ ones) and warfare. Drinking milk like a baby. What are some small, and big Catholic things that I can begin doing? Some examples are charities, friendships, getting to know other people

It is probably best I ask someone who knows me. Generalities could be helpful, but if not, apologies, and maybe, close the thread…

I can’t go to my family and say, “Hey, I’m struggling with sins.” It’s likely they will approach me as “Hey” sort of woefully, or be situated “dealing their hand” (rightfully so), they’re not Catholics.

Or actually, to specify, things for reading when, faith, hope, or charity are budged

I would prioritize assisting at mass and prayer and catechesis. Finding charities, friendships and getting to know people will flow from these activities.
Is there a Catholic radio station that you can listen to? Many of the programs on our local station support ongoing catechesis and prayer and bible study.
When your priest gets home, I am sure he will have ideas specifically tailored to your situation to add to these.
My prayers and best wishes as you grow ever closer to Our Lord! May his blessing be upon you. Amen.

You could start with the Bible. Start in the NEw Testament (leave the Old testament 'till later).
Use one with a good Catholic Commentary. (or a separate commentary). I like these two:
a) the Christian Community Bible it’s available free in .pdf form here: CCB Download I think you need to go to the specialist catholic bookshops to get this in the US. does not sell it. (Amazon Europe does however)
b) the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. You can’t get this free, but it’s available in Kindle, paperback, hardback or leather-bound. It uses the RSV 2nd Catholic edition translation.

You should be able to get either of these bibles from about $15 in the US.

My spiritual director recommended I start my spiritual reading with “Introduction to the Devout Life” by St. Francis De Sales. This is widely available and can be downloaded free. Kindle format with cross-references for $1 and paperbacks from very little more. (about $3 I think)

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