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Hi guys, I shared this topic yesterday, but incase anyone missed it - I’m sharing Fr. Patrick Tuttle’s YouTube account, where he does livestreams at 8:30pm EST/5:30pm PST. I’m sharing his YT because I think he’s absolutely wonderful for being available for an hour with us all, just to chat, listen to music, pray and call in. Very homey vibes here. He’s a Franciscan friar that has been associated with the famous YouTube Friar, Fr. Casey. Just wanted to share some good, wholesome stuff :). Fr. Patrick Tuttle will be livestreaming in about an hour and a half. Hope to see some new faces in the live chat!

God Bless!


Thank you. But I stopped using YouTube (except to watch daily Mass), because they started using “fact” checkers, and also, decided that they were going to monetise your videos, even if they did not have your permission (I just got that in my email).
God bless.


Angel, I just watch some of his videos. He’s amusing and lively! I’m on the way and I wish to see you there :blush:

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Oooo, yay! I’m so excited, and yes he is amusing! Very kind too and a great listener if you have any questions or comments. I know Catholic Answers has their own Q & A, but they have a more fast paced, technical and kind of dry manner. Looking forward to see you there, Eugene!

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After the live video, I’ll be very thankful to GOD that I met this priest. He removed my worries :grin:
Thank you very much, Angel! Good Night and I wish to see you again!

Monetise or demonetise? I follow a few people on you tube like dinesh d’ Souza and Glenn Beck and Blaze TV along with a few others. I have heard the complain about being censored or the opposite of monetized. I thought that means they don’t earn money when their video is viewed. I believe, like Parler, they are creating another way to post videos without using You Tube.


Since I don’t have a you tube channel, I am not familiar with either of those terms or understand exactly what they mean.

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