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I hope that this is an okay place to post this. As a fairly new Catholic, I find that a lot of web searches for things like papal history and so forth bring up a ton of websites and videos that make all kinds of elaborate claims about the Vatican, aliens, luciferianism in the Church, and so on. While I don’t immediately disregard all of these claims outright, I am quite certain that most of it is total baloney.

Can anybody recommend any books or articles where some of these outlandish claims are addressed, refuted, disproved, or disputed? Or that analyze this phenomenon from a Catholic perspective?

Thanks in advance, and I am sorry if this is “old hat” on Catholic Answers! If it is, perhaps someone could direct me to a thread or two where this has already been discussed?

I am very sorry… I see that I did indeed post this in the wrong place as I did not link to a news article. If anyone can suggest a better place to post it, please let me know. Thanks.

Since you say you are a fairly new Catholic, let me suggest you first go with what the Catholic Church says about itself (through Catholic sources), then worry about outlandish claims made by those wishing to place doubt in your faith.

All this stuff is due to the effects of anti-Catholicism and the “Black Legend” spread by various Protestant, Atheist, Nazi, Communist, etc. groups that have opposed the Catholic Church.

Basically, if people aren’t blaming the Jews, they’re busy blaming us.

Conspiracy theorists are effected by their own cultures. We have Catholic conspiracy theorists, and their conspiracies center around Catholic hopes and fears. The same goes for every other ethnicity and religion of conspiracy theorist.

So yeah, there are some people who do apologetics work among conspiracy theorists, but it usually works better to talk to anti-Catholics, since they are the source and aren’t usually the most eccentric people. Talking to conspiracy theorists about conspiracies can sometimes just feed their delusions or give them new ones, so you have to be careful about it.

I don’t know about the denomination of the producer of this doc, but as far as some of the issues involved with aliens he has done an excellent job. I show parts of this doc to my students. Also, I have found the documentaries made by Dr. Michael Hieser very good for debunking some of the myths around aliens and the bible.

Ancient Aliens-

Michael Heiser on the Davinci code, Gnostics, early church etc.-

WARNING!!! Both are quite long!!

I wonder, is it possible that modern day conspiracy theories are part of a gnostic tendency?

Both claim to know the “secret truth” that is only known to a few “enlightened persons”.

It is a bit difficult to hold a rational discussion with a conspiracy theorist…

Thanks for the replies, good people, and thank you for the links, AtomicB.

Alien conspiracies have no basis in fact. I have read numerous books about the subject. There is no evidence or proof of such a thing. The internet is full of such things from anonymous sources and people should believe none of it. Various people have been writing about secret/hidden/forbidden knowledge for a very long time. It would take several pages for me to describe the various books and other inventions of men. Some claim the internet contains a lot of knowledge, but it also contains a lot of unsubstantiated nonsense. Youtube videos, unless associated with real people with real credentials, are just a waste of time. I’ve seen a few, and it’s the same old formula.

The claim that we are smarter and know more than those living just a decade or so before us is not true regarding conspiracies involving aliens. Only a few people with the credentials to study some things, like alien abductions, have found nothing conclusive. One professional described such people as “experiencers,” meaning they believed something happened to them but there is no evidence that it actually did.

And I could provide a list of people who have been heralded as the new Christ in the world, or others who claim to know things that really don’t make sense. In our modern times, there are those who accept that crystals, stones and “real” magic spells can affect their lives and the lives of others. Some of it is quite elaborate. “Real” astrology is very elaborate. After seeing one of these books, all I can say is that the stars have no proven effect on anybody, but there are people who will go to “psychic readers” and pay $50 for a lot of well-crafted nonsense.

Conspiracy theorist is a negative term that should never be used in a “they’re all like that” capacity. There are conspiracies. Some have been revealed to be true. Some were denied but when enough documents and other evidence were produced, the truth came out. There are those who are entranced by well told but fictional stories. As a person who does actual investigative work, I need some facts, even a handful. I need some evidence, even if it’s only a little. To throw everyone into the category of conspiracy theorist is not separating investigators from those who read a book, and/or saw a few videos and decided, “Yep. It’s gotta be true.” Multiple sources need to be checked out. There’s a process to weed out fiction from fact. But, if you meet or know a person who is obsessed with some “conspiracy,” just ask a few questions. “How do you know this is true? Is there any evidence? How did you find out about this?” Those questions might lead to a pleasant conversation or an angry one. The angry ones usually mean that the other person has not done his homework and is upset because you don’t find his reasons or reasoning credible.


Im not sure about the conspiracy part of it, but Im fairly sure the Vatican knows a bit more about extraterrestrial life than any of us do. I cant think of their names right now, but seems like there was a couple guys from the Vatican making claims regarding alien life, the second coming, etc. not too long ago, I think one of the guys last name was something like Campagnolo or something similar…??

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Agreed. Well said. I generally approach online claims with skepticism, especially after spending years chasing “truths” around on the internet when I was younger.

Outlandish claims don’t have to be discussed, disputed or refuted otherwise the Vatican’s entire time would be taken up with such nonsense!

I am dealing with this issue right now, however, it goes much further and connects everything to the last days and the tribulation we will go through. Of course the Catholic Church is included in these conspiracies.

It is my daughter who at least to me still claims to be Catholic, however, she is bi-polar and someone has gotten her so obsessed with this and the horrible things we will go through. At first she would give me dates, but soon found out the prophet’s on the web were wrong about the date and now will just say very soon or maybe a year.

You must remember that she is very ill and is getting worse everyday. It is very sad and truly there is no help out there for patients who have brain diseases. From all the years of so called treatment it appears that psychiatrists don’t really have a clue as to how to treat these patients. Unless one is wealthy and can afford a doctor who at least tries to help. Also her illness is no different than diabetes or cancer, hers is severe and some others are not.

I find that many people who get involved in these conspiracies have emotional or mental problems. If I am wrong then I guess they are just very ignorant and have no common sense. Not to sound uncharitable but I have lived with this for many years and feel unless one actually has the experience of being with a person who believes these things, one cannot really understand how one can accept these stories. I also feel that when dealing with a person such as my daughter the person feeding her and others these beliefs are evil.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


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