Catholic - Lutheran Unification? PRAY!


10.31.2017 2:02 PM ET


The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Lutheran World Federation announced Oct. 31 that the next task of their formal dialogue commission would be “to discern in a prayerful manner our understanding on church, Eucharist and ministry, seeking a substantial consensus so as to overcome remaining differences between us.”

The announcement was part of a statement marking the end of a yearlong joint commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

After 500 years of division and even violent opposition, Catholics and Lutherans and many other Christian communities commemorated the Reformation together, acknowledging their past sins and pledging to work for full unity, said the statement published on Reformation Day, which recalls the day in 1517 that Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation by publicly posting his “95 Theses.”

Over the past year, the statement said, “We begged forgiveness for our failures and for the ways in which Christians have wounded the body of the Lord and offended each other during the five hundred years since the beginning of the Reformation until today.”

But, “for the first time Lutherans and Catholics have seen the Reformation from an ecumenical perspective,” it said. “This has allowed new insight into the events of the 16th century, which led to our separation.”

The mistakes of the past cannot be changed, the statement said, but "its influence upon us today can be transformed to become a stimulus for growing communion, and a sign of hope for the world to overcome division and fragmentation


That’s actually not that bad, I’m not sure why people are having a heart attack over it.


Thank you for starting a positive thread on this subject.

I look forward to seeing the growth of this ecumenism.


How would that work? There’s not just one Lutheran church. In the U.S., there are three main Lutheran denominations: the ELCA, the Missouri Synod, and the WELS (not to mention several smaller, lesser-known groups as well). These groups vary widely from uber-liberal to very conservative. The ELCA performs same-sex “weddings” and has female clergy, while the WELS are traditional in their worship and morality. Which groups is the Vatican in dialogue with? Because there is a pretty wide gulf between, say, the ELCA and the Catholic Church.


Well said.

And that is why people are having a heart attack over this. When the Pope commemorates (and a lot of people see it as celebrating) the schismatic Martin Luther, then all it does is create scandal IMO.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


Thankyou Deacon Jeff. It’s wonderful to see Christians working towards unity


As an ex-Lutheran, now convert to Catholicism I fear it would be very difficult for this to happen. The ELCA is far to “liberal” in terms of service and practice for the LCMS to have any sort of unity with. In some cases growing up in an LCMS school meant that the WELS Lutherans at other school would not even pray with us before games due to doctrine differences over salvation. In addition every Lutheran school I went to villified the Catholic church to some degree. In order to make a Lutheran merger possible and bring themin to full union, it would most likely have to start with individual parishes or specific Lutheran church denominations. I hope for it to happen one day. But first they would have to bow to Papal authority and adjust a few doctrines reguarding human nature, books in the bible, and the full nature of the eucharist. Even if these could not be settled, i think working together on modern day issues would prove helpful. I think asking what would be needed to bring them back into communion from their standpoint would be a solid start. I would love to have my Lutheran family members back into a safe spiritual spot in the eyes of the church.


The Vatican is in dialog with the Lutheran World Federation. The LWF has 145 member churches, including two associate member churches, as well as ten recognized churches and congregations, and two recognized councils. The only U.S. member is the ECLA. Remember though, these discussions are with the WORLD Federation, and although various Lutheran ecclesial communities around the WORLD have different perspectives on many issues, this group represents the largest number of Lutheran communities.

Unity will be difficult. However, I can think of nothing that causes pain in heaven greater than the disunity of Christians. This is a good place to start to mend the breach.

Importantly, remember Luke 1:37


“for nothing will be impossible for God.”

And so let us pray… that all Christians may be united in faith, hope, and love.


That’s really unfortunate that the only U.S. member is the one with which the Catholic Church has the least in common. Of course, I am all for Christians reuniting and becoming one Church, but that is not possible unless they become part of the Catholic Church and recognize that the fullness of truth is found there. Are they even interested or willing to embrace all the Catholic Church’s teachings? (I hope so; genuine question.)

I am just skeptical that there is any realistic path to unity here without compromising on truth, but I hope I am wrong.


Let us pray also for all our brothers and sisters who believe in Christ,
that our God and Lord may be pleased,
as they live the truth,
to gather them together and keep them in his one Church.

Almighty ever-living God,
who gather what is scattered
and keep together what you have gathered,
look kindly on the flock of your Son,
that those whom one Baptism has consecrated
may be joined together by integrity of faith
and united in the bond of charity.
Through Christ our Lord.



It is also in dialogue with the ILC


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