Catholic magazine revokes endorsement of Kavanaugh


What do you think?


The publication says “Kavanaugh is no longer the best candidate…”

In reality, Kavanaugh NEVER was the best candidate.


Out of curiosity Who is your “qualified” choice?


Who would be a “best” candidate?


It is the president’s job to nominate another candidate. The editors at America Media (parent company of the Catholic magazine America) were right to endorse Judge Kavanaugh in light of the information available at the time of their endorsement, in my opinion. They are right now to rescind their endorsement after the what occurred at the hearing on Thursday.

“Kavanaugh is no longer the best candidate for the court, and he is being pushed forward in an illegitimate process,” Keane said. “If some senators are going to disregard questions about his legitimacy and integrity, the country would benefit from a different candidate.”

I agree because it is obvious that a number of senators on the judiciary committee are far more concerned about their perception of political disadvantage related to the timing in which the accusations became public - rather than being concerned about the substance of the accusations.


From the shortlist, I was hoping for Amy Coney Barrett.


I was hoping for an answer from Mulligan2.


That would be a great choice. After the midterms and the red tide, he can pick her. either after kavanaugh has been seated and ginsburg retires or fit kavanaugh withdraws then pick her.


I agree. I am sorry that Trump administration did not recongnize the importance of having a pro-life woman seated on the SCOTUS.


Non answer




“America” is a liberal magazine. I am not surprised that they follow the liberal line that Kavanaugh is guilty.
I think this is very unfortunate–liberals are viscerally convinced Kavanaugh is guilty, conservatives are viscerally convinced that he is innocent. They seem to be interested in advancing their cause, without trying to honestly judge what is the truth in the matter.

If Amy Barrett is nominated, she would be flayed alive for her pro-life position. There would be another terrible battle.


Oh he recognized the need but one step at a time.He chose a pro life male and where are we now? Three ring circus, ringleaders ,the leftist dems


Yes, she gets my vote because she’s a charasmatic Catholic, filled the the Holy Spirit.

Kavanaugh, by admission of his own testimony, is basically a beer drinking drunk. Sadly I really supported him amidst the allegations, but now not so much.

Can we really trust the daily judgment of a Judicial Judge who admits to LOVE beer?


Oh brother!!!


No, conservatives are convinced that what was done was the stupid acts of a drunken teenager. That grown adults are holding the actions of a teenager as proof that his subsequent life, marriage, family, and judicial career is invalid because of the stupidity of a hormonally crazed drunken 17 year old is beyond stupid itself. Kavanaugh is eminently qualified AS AN ADULT to be a justice of the SCOTUS.

What is disgusting I think is that the magazine of a major Catholic order of a Church that considered forgiveness a divine gift, would pull the stunt it has. It gives the Jesuits less credibility that it had before the boneheaded action.


And BTW, can anyone contact the magazine, I think it is called America, and ask them if they can get their buddy and friend Bill Clinton to weigh in on Justice Kavanaugh’s ability to function as a Supreme Court Justice?


Really? Anyone who enjoys beer is automatically a drunk? The man went to Yale law, has been a prominent member in his profession, and has served on the second highest court for 12 years. I don’t think being a drunk is conducive for that career directory.


I’m not member of any groups so I don’t care about endorsements.


I personally would be happy if Trump appointed Judge Barrett but does anyone here honestly believe the Democratic party would stand still for her? This whole thing with Kavanaugh was precisely because of the Dems feared he would alter the balance of the court and that Roe, and other liberal causes would be threatened. Make no mistake, were he a Democratic appointee none of this would have come up, in my opinion.
In Barretts case they’ll probably make her look like a far right religious zealot like they Did Judge Bork back in '87. And maybe they’ll dig up dirt on her personal life besides.
“Judge Bork’s America is one where African Americans sit at separate lunch counters, women resort to back alley coat hangar abortions, and schools are segregated” Ted Kennedy statement in 1987.
With Barrett they’ll probably go on about how the LGBT movement will be sent back to the 1800’s

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