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Yesterday I received a solicitation in the mail (among many- haha) for a Catholic magazine titled “Faith & Family”. I am intrigued as I am 15 weeks along expecting our first child and a devout Catholic.

Has anyone heard of this magazine? Is it solid? If you subscribe, would you recommend it? :confused:

The solicitation mentions the Rosary, Danielle Bean, stations of the Cross, the Passion of Christ, Jim Caviezel, sacred chants, etc which all seems like good Catholic orthodox reading…


We subscribe and find the magazine very informative and interesting. Yes, it is Catholic and very solid. The magazine host many issues and areas of great interest for the family. The only negative item is much advertising, but it is positive advertising which you cannot find in the ordinary secular magazines! Try it, I think you’ll enjoy it!!!


I subscribe to it and I love it!:thumbsup:

The only downside is that I read through it so quickly and since it isn’t monthly, I have to wait a longgg time to get a new issue.:wink:

Every issue is true to our Faith–a rarity indeed. I cannot think of one article that went against Catholic teaching/doctrine.

I know that if you order through their website, they offer you a free copy. Not sure if you received a similar offer.

God bless and get the magazine!



I picked up a copy last summer at a local Christian bookstore, when I was amazed to see a Catholic magazine prominently displayed at the front counter. I picked it up in hopes of increasing sales for Catholic related items at the store, but found the magazine to be very “fluffy”. The articles were simplistic and had no depth to them at all. You get more knowledge and meaning on any given subject here on the CA forums.

Someone mentioned the advertisements. There were indeed many, but I actually like ads in magazines because they let me know about products I would be otherwise clueless of.

Maybe it was just a bad issue, but their submission policy doesn’t give me the feeling that I should expect anything different from future issues, so I never bothered to pick up another.

In my opinion, this magazine is a waste of money. It’s not offensive or dissident, it’s just lacking meaningful content. Of course this was formed based on a single issue, and different people like different things, so I’m not sure how helpful my opinion is to anyone. :slight_smile:


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