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OK, here’s my question. I received an invitation to accept a FREE publication in the mail. It’s a subscription to ‘Faith & Family’. I am here asking if anyone has heard of this magazine, if so, what do you think of it, and please give any opinion to whether it follows the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Faith. Many thanks in advance!


Sounds like it’s an Evangelical publication, probably with heavy leanings towards Southern Baptist teachings based off of the biographies listed on this page.

Assuming of course that this is the magazine you’re talking about.


I have only read the magazine once - but I was very pleased with it. It seemed to be very faithful to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. I am actually hoping that my husband will get me a subscription for my b-day or mother’s day. Try it for free - you won’t be dissapointed!

This is the Correct link to the magazine


Top notch. Subscribe if you like the sample. —KCT


If it is Faith and Family from Circle Media, I highly recommend it. My wife loves it.


It’s a good family magazine.


:frowning: Oh, I am so sorry that I wasn’t clear where this publication came from. Here’s the link to their website

Thanks to all who have replied. I think I will send off for the free sample.

God Bless! :angel1:


I subscribed to it but let the subscription lapse. :o

I loved it and wished I had it when my family was younger…


I just started a subscription to Faith and Family. I love it! It is just a wonderful, wonderful magazine. Beautiful to look at with lots of useful information. It is very orthodox in my opinion.


Thanks for the heads up! I just subscribed. I’ve been trying to find a Catholic mag my wife would be interested in reading! Maybe I can even get her to put old copies in her waiting room when sh goes into practice in the fall! I had subscribed to Catholic Digest a couple years back but it just feels like it’s targeted toward 60 year old women.:smiley:


Try “America” It’s a weekly Catholic magazine… the library I work at subscribes to it (no surprise, because I’m finding out more and more that a lot of people who were there are also Catholic! :slight_smile: And it reminds me of a religious Time, that is, when I acutally have timeto read it! :smiley: Maybe your library has it, also? And if you want to read more of a magazine before you subscribe, definitely check out your local library, they often have online resources that let you read older magazines.
(A shameless plug…from a future librarian! :smiley: )


I hate to bring orthodoxy questions into this thread, but America is the magazine of the Jesuits and has been accused in the past of publishing some suspect material, IIRC.:o


Unfortunately I have to agree with Brian about America. Some of the pieces are very good, while others can definitely give an inaccurate picture of Catholicism.


A few years back the Vatican had the Editor of that magazine (America) removed (was it the Editor in Chief?) because the magazine had gone in a rather un-Catholic direction. Is it a lot better now?


Faith and Family is geared toward families but if I were doing their promotions I would say it geared to families and people who know families.

I enjoy reading family oriented material - how to make marriages better, how to raise Catholic kids, that sort of thing. The last couple of issues have covered topics including a spouse who gambles, a spouse who was a compulsive spender, a couple struggling with NFP and how they got back on track. The articles deal with situations I see in threads on this forum and I often wish they had there articles online so I could suggest them as a resource.

It also offers practical day-to-day ideas, too (one included the suggestion that compact flourescent bulbs weren’t all they’re cracked up to be (don’t last that much longer and the light stinks) - I just wish I had read this before I bought some; they’re awful.

The mag is orthodox so read/subscribe with confidence. I’m glad the OP is considering the free issue.


Faith and Family is most definitely a Catholic magazine. It’s very glossy and “high quality” in appearance, but the writing is sometimes a little disappointing. There was an article about a year ago all about a “house spirit”, which just left me scratching my head. Very strange piece. I almost subscribed, then canceled my subscription. From a writer’s standpoint, their editors are not the most polite either, but that doesn’t have much to do with readability. If they are offering it free for a limited time, you can’t lose to take a look! :slight_smile:

I suggest other magazines, like *This Rock, *are a better source for deep discussions of religious issues, though.


I’m a little biased, but I also suggest *America. *It’s a great magazine, and the editors seem to be deep Catholics.


America and Faith and Family serve different purposes, different audiences. Faith & Family covers issues specifically for couples espeically those with children. I don’t see America as a alternative.


What issue had the article about “house spirits”. (I don’t have a subscription my mom does so I only read it when I visit. I want to check this out.)

What do you mean about the editor’s being polite? I think saying something like that is unwise (it could be uncharitable) but now that it’s out there, how are they impolite?

Yes, This Rock is better for deep discussions but Faith & Family is about family issues. This Rock is awesome but it can’t be all things to all people.


That’s indeed true–just responding to the earlier post…

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